Tips for Displaying Boxes

Collections make up our lives and are a history of who we are.

Stack boxes on a tray like Jennifer Duchene does

They hold meaning

That give us a sense of place.

There are many things one can collect and many ways to show off your collection.

The video shares decorating tips

Part of  interior decorating is to display your stuff with style.

This can take practice.   Learning to stack and display with a master hand.

A popular item to collect is Boxes or Tins.

Ways to Display boxes


Storing things in them

Treating like books and piling them up.

Using as gift wrap

I used to collect old tins when I was young – and my mom still has some of those old tins.  My favorite one was one an aunt gave me, it was old and still had the inedible chocolate in it when I received it!! I think it was war rations that had never been eaten.


One of my tins which I still have, holds my child’s baby hair.

I store tv gadgets in a box.  It keeps the place looking tidy and the boxes look so good.

What do you collect and what is your favorite piece and why?

And if you long for a space where collections accessories and books are displayed just right,

call me, Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592

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