Decorating ideas with a twist

Ingenuity at work.  Every day, people who have nothing bring beauty into their lives.

I just got back from spending almost a month in South Africa, the country of my birth.  A country that is filled with incredible beauty and so much poverty. Yet everywhere you look there are decorating ideas.

Many people have no jobs, no education and have a hard time earning a living. Most of them know how to use their hands to fashion bits of junk into art. Desirable treasures for those of us who cannot make things or don’t have the time. Talented people make beauty out of our discards and we buy it back.  Ironic but also wonderful.

Fascinating to think that people can translate anything, soda caps, plastic lids, tin can labels into home decorating ideas, like the door curtain below and functional objects that are in themselves works of art.

Using what you have takes on a new meaning with this "cap" door curtain

There is a lesson in this.

I believe that most people worry too much about not having enough of the right thing in their homes. Buying things that are functional and ugly.

Settling for good enough even though the items don’t meet your aesthetic needs.

Holding onto things because you don’t know how to decorate your homes to please yourself in your budget .

Waiting for someday until think you can afford it.

We get wrapped up in the name brand game, convinced that if its a name we have heard of, it has to be good. Somebody had given it a stamp of approval.

Sometimes our basics are ugly, and we cant change them. What we can change is our attitude, our room design and how we perceive the rooms we live in.  When it is all beige it may be safe, but it is so bland. So boring.

What adds character and personality is adding pieces that connect us to our history, our families, and our passions.

Find a little piece of what you love and bring it into the room.  Add some color, a fabulous rug or one of those magical pieces that some clever soul fashioned out of flotsam of life..

Soda bags and baseball cap and match box label bowls.

Embrace the what of who you are, today.  What do you think?  Is there something that needs shifting in your space, that will connect you to what you own and hold dear?  Would you like to feel really good about where you live right now?

Comment below and share how your space makes you feel, daily.

If you want help turning what you have into a space to joyfully come home to, call me, Jennifer Duchene I would love to help.

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