7 Selfish Sex tips to embrace your Inner Woman

Along with my new book “Le Chic Cocoon” 7 steps to creating your Selfish Space comes a free ebook entitled “7 Selfish Sex Tips”

This ebook is not about sex tips as much it is about the attitude that you, as a woman, need to embrace to get the benefit that will enhance your sex life and everything else in your life. Living in luscious surroundings and decorating your room to cherish you. I believe the body must be an integral part of how we live life.  Eating, sleeping, textures, talking, the human habits, are to be luxuriated in.  Indulge your outer human.   My personal journey has included owning up to how much my body moves me.  I love the idea of jumping into life, physically.

Something I have not done for a long time.  It is time to re-ignite my womanhood!

Get down and dirty, embrace the joy of touch and of your ultimate woman!  My book will be available on Amazon on Sept 28, in soft cover form and ebook.  I hope you will join me at my Bestseller Launch party or at least buy the book!

Jennifer Duchene book cover photo

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