A Chaise for my Goddess Room

I have been thinking about creating Diva Dens for a while. Since the weekend I connected to my intuition on so many levels, and pulled together all the elements of what I do and who I am to release my Mixtress of Diva Spaces, Alter Altars to our inner Goddesses, Ode to Spiritual Retreats.

From the Divine Guidance card came the thought of Design Guidance… that is what I do.  I dont have a divining rod, but I do have a designing eye.  And I have a passion for creating spaces that celebrate the lives of my clients.  I have also been on my own spiritual journey.  From being a ho hum mother and wife to becoming a woman who arranges things.

Unlike Dolly, I dont arrange marriages between couples.  I did draw the Marriage card tonight,  which is odd. As I am still divorce shocked.  And another man is not on my map, yet.

However I do create a marriage between a woman and her favorite things.  Suddenly I feel trite saying this – seems like I am traveling from Hello Dolly to Sound of Music .

But I digress.

Diva Dens evolved from a conversation on Twitter, with my friend Leslie  Carothers @tkpleslie one Saturday night. After all what is an evolving diva to do on a Saturday night?

Leslie was asking my about my plans. I was sharing my Divadom dreams, my book, my mission and she came up with the name.

So in my altar to Divadom .  What would be the first  piece ?

Step one :  To create a Diva Den or  the promise of a full fledged one to come  – a space. A Spiritual Retreat .  A room would be ideal.  But I would settle for a cozy corner or a window seat.    A space to dream in, to grow in, to journal in.

And next would be the seat.  The  Royal Tush Holder.

When I think of that, a fainting couch comes to mind.   Or a chair to curl up in.  Perhaps a chaise lounge? similar to the fainting couch.  Growing up my mom always had a chaise longue in her bedroom.

That was the height of sophistication to me.

What would be your secret indulgence in your special spot or room?

Dreaming outdoors at the Baccarat Museum with Jennifer Duchene

If you want to create a Diva Den to indulge your inner Goddess call me, I would love to guide you to the perfect spot  Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592

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