A Woman needs Room to Breathe

Creating space.

I think that is essential for every woman.

Making a room, in your world, where you are sacred.

Often life is in constant motion.  Preparing or waiting for the missing piece to complete the puzzle, homework to get done, schlepping.  Making food, dishing out comfort, doing tasks that keep the wheel turning in the churn of doing life, clean, plan and then do it all again.

garden seat

Sometimes it can feel like you are pushing a cart up the hill, too tired to shout for help. Worried that you wont make it, that things wont be done right.  It’s a long and weary list to the top of the hill.

Giving yourself permission to take a break, to stop completely with the pushing and the struggle.  Park that wagon, wander into the forest by the side of the road. take a deep breath.  Walk towards the stream, glistening like diamonds.  The trees offer welcome shade, you hear the birds singing and all of a sudden you are running into the water, pulling off you clothes,  laughing and luxuriating in the bliss that is this life.  Your life.


My bathroom sanctuary @ olioboard – https://olioboard.com/boards/208766-bathroom-sanctuary

Caught up in the struggle of moving up the hill, can close your eyes,ears, mouth and heart to joy and the beauty of being present in this moment. How much you really have to give, and all the people and things who are willing to help you. And it is all a choice.

Nature cycles create abundance and flow. Everything has a rhythm and purpose .  There is time to reflect, plan, act and then rest.  As a woman you often do what is expedient, in a rush to get to the next item, and follow two or three out of the four.   Reflecting and resting are as essential to your well being as is planning and acting.  Every stress you absorb into your body, is like a piece of metal in your soul.  Bathing in release is a much needed indulgence. Getting comfortable with the notion of being selfish.  Taking care of your needs, so you are renewed and revitalized and can come back to that cart with a lightness of heart.


However you translate your time Breathing, meditating, journaling, closing off your mind to the pile of constant demands is essential.  Take that space to listen inward your internal nature refreshes you and lets you see life not only in the day to day grind, but also with a bird’s eye view to the bigger picture.   If you want abundance, a beautiful space or relationships that feel light and empowered, you have to nurture your being of abundance in a room of your own.

Having a practice and a space to go to relieve the pressure can be a simple as taking a 10 minute walk, deep breathing, or stepping into your personal Sanctuary of Chic.

Pull up a comfortable chair to your favorite view and soak it in.  Find an unused room and clear the clutter so you can paint or sew in peace.

When you show the world and your loved ones that private time is healthy, all kinds of rewards will spill into your lap.

Where is your favorite space to breathe your essence?  Do you have a habitual practice of self care?  I would love to hear what you do or where you go to renew.  Share in a comment below.   If you are looking for Chic tips on pulling your room together, or need some deeper healing or communion for your soul, I would be honored to guide you.

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