About Jen

Jen Duchene Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Soul Reader, Speaker, Author.

Who facilitates Akashic Soul Readings plus individual and business Astro-numerology, combining transformative wisdom with sacred soulfulness to guide clients back to their authentic self.


Duchene travels the world cultivating spiritual talismen to articulate her client’s inner sanctuaries that honor and celebrate their divine expression.

Duchene has deepened her knowledge of the Divination Arts over many lifetimes, an ancient soul, gathering first hand oracle experience at Delphi, librarian at Atlantis and a Royal advisor of some note. In this incarnation, with the guidance of Source and her Akashic Masters she brings deep intuitive knowledge and resources and an extraordinary ability to channel and heal those who are called to work with her.   In this incarnation, since the age of three she has actively pursued esoteric guidance, soaking it all up, on a quest to bring in more wisdom and love. 

Descended from of a long line of healers, herbalists and seers Jen absorbed past life regressions and hypnotherapy in her early teens, under the guidance of her dad a pharmacist, licensed hypnotherapist and Dr of Homeopathic medicine.  Duchene’s own astro-numerlogy chart has a rare sacred geometry and reveals the vast treasure chest of her passion and skills, including 7, the number of the spiritual teacher.  In 2012, Jen followed her life long passion by signing up for formal training in Akashic Reading with Master teacher, Lisa Barnett. and continues her own expansion and healing in the records.

After meeting and surpassing the required 75 readings she received her Akashic Certification, and approval to practice by the Masters of the Record.   She bears the Akashic Healer marking on her hand as well as numerous gift markings, carried by less than 1% of the population, and is a highly skilled healing channel for destroying old patterns, blocks and vows.

Studying Astro-numerology formally since 2012, Jen is actively pursuing further modalities to incorporate future forecasting and advanced skill sets under the brilliant tutelage of the number one wealth astro-numerologist Tania Gabrielle.  Duchene is a number clairvoyant, downloading streams of numbers and corresponding meanings to empower her clients in understanding and activating their promise of this journey.

Described as a sage, philosopher and catalyst, Duchene knows the most sacred key to her power lies in her doing her own work in expanding her Divinity, healing programming and patterning of the past to raise her vibration to be a clear, unbiased channel for her clients to receive the knowledge and clarity they need, so that they can live the potential of their own birthright.

Jen offers a variety of options if you are drawn to work with her. She believes that guiding clients is sacred work that empowers, and for this reason she creates a safe environment to be heard and to heal.  Her packages are designed to honor her clients on their soul journey to igniting their inner beauty and shining a light in the word.  The 4 Pillar System uses the wisdom of the numbers, covering four areas that can plague a busy dynamic womanMoney, Relationships, Business & Family.

Intrigued by the idea of being in the vibration of unconditional love?  Uncovering soul truth, by the Keepers of your own soul library, who willingly clearing vows, and blocks that hold you back, and offer easy, practical guidance that resonates on a gut level, The Akashic Reading is for you.

Want both?  The Grand Package combines both the 4 Pillar System and the Sacred 11 Reading in a powerful experience.   Single readings and payment plans are available.

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