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Jen Duchene – Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Soul Reader, Speaker, Author

Jen Duchene’s is a rare mastery of both Akashic Records and Astro-Numerology (a modality that combines Numerology and Astrology), blending three powerful divination arts. This unique framework, along with her deep intuition, no-nonsense compassionate clarity, and a dollop of badass, has empowered countless people to live the promise of their purpose, full-out and joyfully. Her one-on-one work with clients helps them release years of “emotional weight,” change life patterns that don’t serve them, and create an action plan to move forward in their lives with clarity, confidence and success.


Described as a sage, philosopher and catalyst, Jen is a number clairvoyant, downloading streams of numbers and corresponding meanings that provide spot-on translations. She serves as a clear, unbiased channel that fast-tracks healing and guides her clients toward a deeper, more empowered, resonant sense of themselves. Through her readings, consultations, one-on-ones, writings, and internationally-acclaimed talks, Jen creates a path for people to make deep transformations internally, in their relationships, in business, in all areas of their lives.

“My session with Jen was deep, profoundly healing, insightful and transformational. Jen created a warm, safe and positive atmosphere in which I could dive deep, feel open in exploring within and ask further questions to foster understanding.” –  Nandi H., www.lotuscoaching.org


Jen’s Journey to Now

Since the age of 3, Jen has actively pursued esoteric guidance, soaking it all up, on a quest to bring in more wisdom and love. Her own Astro-Numerological chart has a rare geometry and reveals her passion and skills, including the number 7 – the spiritual teacher. She absorbed past-life regressions and hypnotherapy in her early teens, under the guidance of her dad who was a pharmacist, licensed hypnotherapist and doctor of homeopathic medicine.

In fact, Jen is descended from a long line of healers, herbalists and seers. Her knowledge and love of the Divination Arts reaches back untold lifetimes, from the oracle at Delphi to librarian in Atlantis to a noted royal advisor. In this incarnation, Jen is a certified Akashic Reader, having studied with Master Akashic teacher Lisa Barnett. She bears the Akashic Healer marking on her hand as well as numerous gift markings, which are carried by less than 5% of the population.

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Studying Astro-Numerology formally since 2012, Jen continues to study modalities that will increase her skills. She publishes daily insights on the energies of the numbers and offers a monthly Monthly Success Circle call. She is one-half of the Gypsy Truth Tellers radio show. Jen is author of Le Chic Cocoon, the go-to guide for women to create personal spaces.

Now working fully in her lifelong passion, in the spirit of continuing ancient family traditions and with the guidance of her Akashic Masters, Jen offers her deep knowledge, intuition, master studies, and love of helping others, to channel and heal those who are called to work with her.

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Where will you find Jen when she’s not igniting transformation? In nature and living in luxurious chic, and making the most of each experience!  She loves to travel, take photographs, and share good meals and conversation. Jen practices qi gong and all things fascinating.


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