Help me spread the magic

What does it mean to take an illuminating Journey?  I have birthed these  @Illuminating Journey Cards filled with alchemy and they want and need to be out in the world to spread their magic.

Asking me to beat the drum, open the door so they can be more visible and viable.

I have spent most of my life trying to be independent, doing it all alone.  Never wanting to look like I needed help.  Hardly ever asking or taking help from because it was embarrassing, shameful, uncomfortable.  Just not done.

Now I HAVE to do this.   Open my heart to receive help.  Ask people to help me and let the help come in.

Yes,  I am uncomfortable to admit that I can’t do this alone. I don’t have to do it alone. I don’t have  the reach, the funds or flair to do this alone.   What is even more astonishing is that I don’t want to do this alone.

These cards are part of the community and are helping me to connect to people in a delightful right way.   Creating a new language that must be created in community.   I am excited, scared and feeling awkward all at once.

I am hoping you will join me by pledging the cost of your very own deck or contributing at any level that speaks to you.  Go here to contribute or just gather some Illuminating Journey Cards Juju.

Please help me, by spreading the work and work in your own way.   

I can use all the help I am offered, gladly and gratefully receive whatever is forthcoming.   

Love and Alchemy,


Journey Cards birth!

The Cards are birthed.

4 years ago, an adventure began. When my Akashic Masters first told me I had to bring forgotten wisdom back into the world, I had no idea what that would look like, or how I was going to bring ‘wisdom’ that I didn’t know about into the hands, hearts and minds of waiting beings.

A great mystery yawned wide.   I was very earnest, trying to imagine what my great ‘work’ would look like.  Attempting to study up like a good student.   Finally I gave up trying to think my way into bringing these cards to life, and in 2016 I knew that there was a window of time, for me to get busy, conceive, gestate and birth.

And after 13 months of sinking into the world of visual portals, expanding my creativity, I am so excited to have a complete pack of ©Illuminating Journey Cards in my hands.

Ready to presell.   My little card children, humming and buzzing to spread their wings and fly.

As a creative person all my life, what really struck me, when I was given this mandate, was how many ideas I have had, and how few I have fully brought to life.

Of those, very few forms have had enough love, attention  and delight to glow brightly out in the world.    I did not trust that my work was worthy or that I was worthy to present my work.


These cards fill me with such joy.   They are ready to fly out into the world, and I don’t want to hold them back.  More than that, I intend to engage in helping them to spread their wings.

Its been easy for so many years to make excuses why my creative ideas were not successful.   Mostly because I was afraid to be seen.  As if being seen is a sin or something.

Marketing myself, earning more than just a ‘living wage’  things that have seemed taboo, out of reach, are suddenly much closer.  More possible.   Friendly.     Encouraging.

So I intend to do what I can every day, even if it is only one step deeper, leading these cards to find and liberate their new owners.

If you want to know more or buy a set go over here.

Tell me, if you will, about what ideas you have birthed that you are nurturing and giving a hand to?


Love & Crowns,


December 2016 Numeric Insights

Numerically December 2016 is a double 12 month.

It is also the final month of 2016.  A 9 universal year (2+0+1+6) and a 16 calendar.

1+2=3    The 3 is a number representing the child.   Open in front.  Double half loops.

Innocence.  Curiosity.  Exploration.   A desire of discovery.  Self Expression.  It is the digit of seeking and speaking your message.   In all ways.  Being human means you have a voice.


Voices are layered. Nuanced things.  You can cry, scream, yell, laugh, sing,

Chase butterflies and fall down wells.

12.  12 is a number of teaching and learning.  Precursor to discovery.

You have an experience.  You uncover something new. Then you label it.   You stick a pin in it. Mark it specimen A.     How you bring that discovery into a form that changes you, that is where the 3 meets the 12.

1 is about focus. Action.  A masculine energy of needing to accomplish.

2 is about surrender (or that is what I call it) a need to redress balance, create boundaries, connect the dots.   Make community.  Intuitive and feminine.

1 is the individual.

2 is the collective.

3 is the opportunity.

12 combines the 1,2,3 that creates a step by step focus and result.  Not the end result.  The beginning. We have 3 cycles of 3 that make up all 9 root numbers.   1,2,3 are the first 2 prime numbers.  Father, Mother, Child.    Maiden, Mother, Crone.    Triangle of Potential.

12 is significant, since it represents 3+9  two key numbers that awaken within you your Emotional Response.      3 is JOY.   pure unadulterated bliss of the individual.   You laugh, cry, sigh, emerge. 9 is the connection of the collective.  Humanity as one. Compassion. Universal Love.  Passion. That drive to communicate the fullness of your cells within the larger body of the world.

12 is also a time keeper.  12 months of a year.  12 hours in a day. Day and Night equals 24.  2+4=6  2×3 and the third emotional number of Love.  Family love, romantic love.

12 is our teacher.  Guiding us to use what we have learned, that intuitive awareness of 2 with the focus directive of 1.

You get to choose.  If you will take what you have learned in this 9 year of letting go & endings, to change your mind about what is really going on.   To take back your curiosity and willingness to evolve.   Ultimately 3 is about birthing new thought, new ideas, finding love of self.  9 is about spreading LOVE, living love.  Being in certainty of love.

Enough to DARE.

December is preparing you to go forward.  As a victim or a leader.  With path will you choose?

To focus on your goals, enough to surrender the need to control the outcome and the players, in Joy with the unfolding?

Or hanging on, determined to suffer, find fault and blame the world and others for the pickle you are in?

December is an opportunity to Create, Connect and Collaborate on what you want more of going forward.  Spend time visualizing and declaring what you will focus on going forward.  Find forgiveness, compassion and clarity about what you missed doing or being leading up to now.

We have many influences this month, including big breakthroughs, healing, the need to balance and go it alone.  That 12 influence again.

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn (standing in the world) stationing on the 19th at 15 degrees. 1+5= 6.  Magical energy stirs within you.  Choose to be OF SERVICE not in service.

This Solstice/ holiday season, 21 (number of truth, mirroring that 12) your very being is being harmonized, as you cross the shortest day/longest night or vice versa.   Is a time to go deep. Mars (drive) enters Pisces on the 19th (new beginnings) too.   Spiritualizing your Warrior.  Preparing you, and centering you in your truth.   Uranus (breakthroughs) Jupiter (expansion) Saturn (task master) all swirl in a dance to guide you to your purpose.  To bring out your certainty.    In the depth of traveling towards your soul, you find your roots and truth, or you keep hanging on to needing someone else to follow.

Inside of this month comes the opportunity to know your independence and become a willing collaborator in truth or in keeping the lies you have lived by alive.

What will you stand for?  How will you communicate your truth going into 2017?



November is a Powerful Portal Month

Can you believe that 2016 has but 2 months left?

I am in shock yet loving the shifts.

We are still in a 9 year (2+0+1+6)  which is all about stripping bare of the surplus.


Many of us, myself included find it easier to hide behind the shoulds.  Shields of Honor that have littered the battlefields forever.

This 9 year is breaking up the old guard, the honor system of yore.

We don’t have time to waffle in what might have been.  We need to get into the meat of what is, to activate what we want to birth.   A new way of being and seeing.

That is where the true power lies.   Not in the idea that someone is either robbing us of what is ours, or gifting us with their largesse.

It all begins within.  The flame, or candle of the Soul.  Each flame rests with its owner.   You.

You have your own light and reason why.

With this powerful symbolic 11 bringing us into November we are being invited to see the strength in what we are standing for.

What lights us up.

How to begin the journey to soul fullness.  Letting go of how it is ‘supposed’ to be and who is in charge.

Conditioning.  That is a fact of cellular life.  Nature imposes and humans supposes….

We think we know what it all means.  Without lighting the flame. Or listening to the rain.

The veils are thinner than they have been for a long time.  We have the option to leap through the veils.

Yes its bloody hard.  It hurts like hell.  Uncomfortable.  Daunting and yet.

Will that stop your fierceness to be free?

the 11 is doubled this month because the universe has its own calendar.  When you add 1+1 + 9 you get 11.

11 is the visual of standing on your own feet.  Receiving in the space you are standing in,

It is electric and wild.    It can drench your being with the electric light you carry in your genes.  In your vessel of this earth.

Think about the energy you are imbued with, open up to receiving the signals and lightning rods to awake up those signals, you are on fire.  with purpose and truth.

Ready to bring to differences together.  Willing to take action on what grounds  you and connects you to all that is available.

When you do things because you are compelled beyond what is in this for me, you project yourself through the portal of change.

Shifting into your truth that lies beyond the veils.  1+1 =2.   Number of opposites – the great divide or a bridge to walk on.   Connection happens when you want what your opponent wants.  A shared outcome.  You each dont have exactly the same picture nor do you need to, to agree on diplomacy and cooperation.  Without being a doormat or a bully.

You can pretend you can’t see beyond the veil.  Or that the world owes you something because of what you have experienced.  Or that  you have no value so that the world cant count on you.

We are in this together.  You and me.  All of us.  Our ancestors and our children’s children are counting on us to make that leap, through the dark into the light.

Even when we cant see beyond the mud.   When we can barely get the flame lit, when we are drenched in rain up to our eyeballs.  When the people we are facing won’t see reason or another way.

Even then.  We must stand up for love.  We must be shields of love and project love.

We are here to learn how to beam love even in the darkest corners.  without expectation.  without ego.

Just because you and me, we are the candles who illuminate the possibility.   When you are a candle you must light up the space you are in.

It is your light that will lead the way, for the one behind you.    It is your trust that will allow you to create more light.  It is your soul that will guide you, even in the dark.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men (& women) are afraid of the light.”
— Plato

How do you plan to lose your fear of the light ?


Lead with what you need to Leave.

I don’t know how to emphasize this enough.

Today is a triple 10 day. We have a black new moon on its way, right on the cusp of Samhain or all Hallows eve. Festival of the Dead.
Scorpio is in the house.   Deep waters of Transformation as we prepare to enter a double 11 month.


We begin a potent new spiritual cycle.

So what cobwebs are in your wheel house? 10 is the number of new beginnings. It is the number of Leadership and Initiation.

What do you want to initiate? What will you give to how you want to live?

Idolatory – the practice of looking to the other – the big daddy to save us. IS OVER. Idols cannot understand our needs. They are made of clay and stone. They don’t have hearts.

They are meant to bring us to the Source. They cannot be the source.

I beg you to look within and truly know- What you are ready to LEAD and what you are ready to LEAVE

Reckoning always comes bearing gifts we almost cannot see beyond. They are so shiny, they blind us to the truth. There is no easy through transformation.

No one waves a magic wand and says your troubles are over. If they do – they are lying. You. You will need to take your own journey. you will be required to make choices that will strip you bare.

Just when you think you have stripped everything, you will be asked to discard another layer. I know. This is the path I have been walking on.   It hurts like hell and it is glorious.   When you heart touches God that is one of those HALLELUJAH moments.   

Snot , tears, JOY.     Immortal,unimagined strength filters in.    You become the vessel of your Soul.

Being connected to your human self and your spiritual self with a mind and baggage, is not for the faint of heart. It scrapes the bottom of the the barrel of everything you have touched. Everything you are determined to believe in.

Everything you are looking to save you. Only you and your relationship to Source/ Divine/ God will ignite the sacred waters within you.

This is a time to hold your spear of light, surely.  Keep your Circle of Protection firmly over your heart.  The 10 walks with you.   Into your truth.

Cum Deo,  Walk with GOD/Divine Light. 

Royal Insights Weekly May 30 – June 5, 2016

This week we leap from a month of shifting to settling into what love means to us and what we will do to embrace our truth. Be of service not in servitude

Spiritual Alchemy is in the air, giving us the ability to create joy out of being who we are. Loving and taking care of our own needs. so we can show up more grounded and present for others.

New moon happens on the 5th. A very powerful axis of laying down how we are going to show up.

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Love Jen

Royal Insights Weekly, May 23-29, 2016

A week of change and focus.  How will you bring your beliefs into your daily life?

Mars draws our fine inward, making us see how we light up our passion and what stirs us.

Are you using your fire to create more of what you desire?  Or using that focus to incite others?  This is a time of becoming aware of what your truth is.  What will create freedom for you.

Time to plant new seeds, take action.  Move out of comfort into your own style..  Soon it will be time  to cultivate the flowers that bloom from your daring.

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Love and Crowns,

Royal Insights Weekly – May 16-22

Another week of adventure, that brings us closer to exploring our truth,  Getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

May is a month of change and this week we are releasing what stops us from welcoming the path we must walk to go where we have yet to go.

We must begin to take fresh action. To go beyond keeping quiet about how we feel, burying our truth will not create freedom.   Freedom requires learning new things, facing and speaking about situations that scare us.   The most sacred of intentions of the 5 is to be present with the present- your presence is requested and required. 

Fully alive and attuned to what is going on, taking advantage of what opportunities are in front of us.   We cannot have a different experience if we refuse to act differently. If what you are doing will no longer serve you, know you have the courage and support to respond in a new way.

Full moon happens on Saturday, inspiring us to let go of the old, to make room for the new.

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Love and Crowns,


Royal Insights Weekly – May 9-15/2016

We are in extraordinary times.

Being given the opportunity to see what has been hidden from us.

Perhaps to recognize why we hid and give us the freedom to be seen, fully.

There are many ways to communicate out in the world.  For most of the world that communication has been about cloaking different ideas and thoughts in secrecy and using fear as a weapon.    Now we been given a beam of sunlight to glow under.

A place to explore and test out our opinions, forge new truths. Understand that not all things we have lived by are sacred.  Now is the time to create our individual path to our own mountain.  When we know who we are, we have nothing to hide.  The collective is improved when every one is part of the conversation.

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Royal Insights Weekly April 25- May 1

Final week of April 2016 – we are moving out of the going to ground energy of death or disremembering which forces us to find new discipline to create what we want to bring into the world.
Traveling from 25th day of insight to 26th day of strength, wanting the truth of our personal message and meaning (in life) to lovingly be heard. This is the song of our own making.

Balancing the inner and the outer.  Dark and Light within.  Giving space for all things to exist so that each of us is fully expressed, cells nourished, so that we can walk toward the holiest of mountains – meet all parts of who we are as a whole.    Live fully present on this earth, alive and present.

Week ends in day 1 of May.  New beginnings as we enter a double 5 month of freedom, adventure and sharing that message, to clarify what we believe and what we desire. 1 of new beginnings soaked in spiritual alchemy.  Giving you love and a focused abundant energy to start you on this adventure of knowing and speaking your mind.

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on the 28th.

3 weeks to let your deep truth rise up to meet your shallow awareness.   Subconscious Moon meeting your Conscious Mind.    Opportunity beckons, dreams rise to meet matter.  All is possible. You are being given the drive and awareness to bring your sacred desires alive.

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Love Jen