To Buy Cheap Accessories or not?

When do you spend money on accessories and when do you buy cheap accessories?  How do you decide what items are worth spending on?  Jennifer Duchene shares some of her thoughts about creating an individualistic look with accessories.  Do you want every table covered or do you prefer a few carefully chosen treasures?  In this image below we used inexpensive african baskets to create impact. Their value is in the texture and hand made quality. Every item is chosen for its craftsmanship and beauty.

and this image hand made vessels are eyecatching in their irregularity, the work reflects the travertine in backsplash, we chose for the kitchen, which connects to the homeowners roots. The rough element in the smooth kitchen.

Handmade items are unique

What do you think about natural personal items chosen over time as opposed to buying imitation “art” churned out in a factory, for mass market purchase?

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