Decorating Tip: How to remove carpet Dents

As the new year begins, we drag out,  bundle and repack our holiday glitter and glamor, we are inspired to vacum and move furniture back or perhaps to a new spot.

An ugly reminder of the holiday festivities, can be those deep grooves in carpet, all that remains of the tree.

Watch the demo and see for yourself what happens when Ice and dents meet

If your grooves are deep and stubborn try agitating the carpet fibers, to break the groove memory.

Grooves are goners

If you have a scratch on your wooden floor, here is a great  wooden floor scratch disappearing tip.
Happy Furniture moving,  There is nothing more fun that starting out the new year with a different room, without buying a thing.

If you want a change, or are unsure how to rearrange your living spaces, call me,  Jennifer Duchene, I would love to help you fill your home with joy.

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