Discovering Energy Sources within

This past weekend I spent learning all about gift markings and fingerprint recognition.

Friday night I had my first ever experience witnessing channeling.

Sunday I sat amongst a small circle of very powerful women, all of us in different places in our journey.  My thinking has been twisted inside out. My head is reeling from intuition, yet there is clarity. Picking a card from the deck this morning I got  “Divine Guidance”.  That was shocking, and yet made perfect sense.  My intuition or “Divine Guidance” is telling me changes are coming. Power is shifting. A Matriarchal society is on the rise.  I am listening. Matriarchal does not mean all women. It means ruling from the feminine.

Message from the Angel Deck

Me, the logical thinker. With my HAL 9000 brain, yes this is a gift marking.

Complex thinking problems are what I thrive on, and herein lies a knotty situation. Learning to open my heart, to listen to what I feel, even though I don’t know.  I don’t know if what I feel is true.  This requires trust.  I feel like I have to let go of what I hold to be true “logic” as a safety net, because there are layers and support I cannot see. If I do not trust, I cannot fly. If I cannot fly, then I cannot find that which I seek.

If I cannot hone in on what I seek, then this mortal life is, but dust.

My life lesson is to plunge into the canyon, Neither hesitate nor look back.  To just, do it. Turns out that I have intuitive gifts.  Along with a life purpose that requires leadership & communicating. Making things happen.  Luckily as part of my journey of discovery, I have met amazing women. Helping me to define the who of me.  I have discovered how to save energy and fuel my promise.

Lines of genius are a gift marking too.  Sounds fancy but translates to the ability to communicate & the compulsion, to share what I know.  I have been wrestling with connecting the dots.  What can I bring? What can I share that ties all my bits together?   I realized today that what I truly know is my journey.    I don’t even know why I am crying as I write this. Is it a relief to let go? Maybe I cry out of fear, fear of looking like a fool.  It doesn’t matter.

What I have learned in this last year is that there is more power in letting go publicly, than in burying truths, than living in the mists of pretense.

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