Divining the Sacred Embrace

Embracing the Divine Feminine, you have probably heard that expression.  I know I have, it is what brought me here. Still the universe continues to remind me to pay attention, and enfold the greater me.

To slow, soak in, and evoke that luscious consciousness of my spiritual being.

Divining is also about intuition, diving into to the divine pool.

Divine Feminine Jog

But embracing that Feminine of the Divine persuasion is no easy task, for a good girl type, like me.  As much as I lean in, there is more to lean in to.  It is no accident that I teach women to embrace their sacred space within. Hopefully they are inspired enough to create a physical space for themselves in the mortal layers of life, as a reminder, and a mentor.  Embracing that feminine as if in a deep hug with heart.

I think we forget those buried inner teachings, and the hugeness of our souls in our rush to fit in and be accepted. Your voice needs expression to find trust. My invisibility shield was raised to anything that resembled surrender, more times than I remember, and that meant inner shrinking and outer silence.

Last weekend, I was reminded that I had called in the change, which is why I can feel myself shifting on a cellular level, growing more at ease with who I am in the Divine sense.  Of course there is still resistance on the human level.  I hesitate to talk about this sacred stuff because I don’t want to brag about how powerful I am in the arms of divine embrace (and that we are all powerful when we are empowered) or expose myself to ridicule.

Memories from this life and past lives, of being ridiculed crowd in. (yes I believe we have souls that shift through lives – I am an Akashic Reader after all),  A visceral experience of literally being dragged off the stage, when sharing a profound truth I had discovered.  Here I am back on stage, sharing, and honestly I can no longer worry about being ridiculed.  That fear won’t save me or bring me to honor the divine within.

Wendy House Dreams

My Wendy House I loved playing in as a young girl

I used to want to be a normal everyday woman, like many women I apparently see.  Now I am good with just being me.  Slowly veils have lifted, and I am in my Goddess Cocoon, merging with my bigger self, feeling liberated and invigorated.

Being easy with the inner Divine requires openness, and I know first hand, it is a challenge that can strike fear to the core.   When I go into my Records and ask my Akashic Masters why I feared to speak my truth, they show me pictures of being tortured for doing just that, till I feared the pain, more than the freedom. Luckily my Masters have lovingly healed much of that anguish, and soothe my human being. My heart pounds with what I have long identified as fear, and now see with gratitude and grace as Hope.

Yes, I can crawl under a rock and die a little more each day, but where would the Divine be in that?   What is being feminine after all?  My version has an expansive heart, a boatload of compassion to help us rejoice in gifts we have come bearing.  A table groaning with more than enough to go around, and genuine celebration for exactly who we are. Every one of us.  She has no illusions or expectations, only love. I want to be that woman.  Living in beauty and divine feminine energy, comfortable, creative, and grounded.  Good with whatever shows up, ready to dance in the silver lining.

What do you think? Do you embrace the divine feminine?  How does she show up for you?

Share in a comment below, share the post with your friends. Join the conversation by adding your voice.  There is room for everyone’s opinion at this table.

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Joie de Vivre,




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