Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Once more # Design TV has inspired me to share some personal  vignettes of  year end holiday decorating. Founders  Jonathan Legate and Amy of ABCD Design and all the wonderful  #DesignTv tweeters,

no doubt are going to blow us all away with their offerings.

Snow globe with stones combines all the elements of a holiday package

This year has been a tumultous one full of unexpected growth and surprise.

My husband and I downsized to a small apartment, then we decided to get divorced, (I guess more downsizing) so right now I am living in a place betwixt and between.

Focusing on changing my business to a more mobile one, and less interested in holiday decorating.

The joy is different. everything I am doing en famille will be for the last time, and this year no annual open house.

I am in a mood for Reminiscent Decorating and this year I am focusing on using what I have

My collection becomes Holiday Fare

My daughter is getting ready to leap into her own life.  I am sad and happy at the same time.

So I have gathered some holiday decorating moments from past years to encourage you to explore the magic of creating your own special look for the festive season.

The most important element of the Festive Season is celebrating shared friendship and love.

Bubbles Rise to the top when friends & family clink in toast.

I love to pull together old and new in a seamless connecting garland for each year, adding or mixing an matching to recycle the past into the present.   Easy holiday decorating is what I love.

Twigs on the ground gathered in a vase, more beaded dolls mixed with doilies & crystals, for the layered look check my video for instructions of how to create yourself.

And so 2010 feeling is created, and will be expanded on with more twiggy magic.   I dont do my decorating on Thanksgiving,  I do it closer to the night of the party.

Last year was a much more glamorous feel, I was into pearls glitter snowflakes roses & my mother’s lace tablecloth.

Wrapping standard florist vases from the thrift store in pearl garlands, gave the decor a touch of Lavish

For an element of fun I used a chartreuse

Tables are made more festive with large bowls filled with limes and a white and chartreuse mix, shiny stones shimmer in the water

For Christmas Eve Sit down dinner of  Gravlax, Venison & Bouche de Noel, I used my mom’s trousseau embroidered tablecloths,

with a Christmas cracker at every plate and some orange roses wrapped with snowflake garlands. More bowls and dishes filled with “snow” and snowflakes

Same basic floral vases wrapped with snowflake garlands, the cheese and dessert plates ready at hand.

Many more moments of easy decorating,  some of which I will share in another post, but to wrap up, here is some paper I created from photocopying old family photos , just

looking at this picture takes me back to my childhood.  I dream of creating a photo focused decorating theme…. perhaps next year!

Paper made from old family photos tied up with lace and berries

Please share how you bring your home to life over the holidays.

and if you need help creating a home that celebrates who you are, call me Jennifer Duchene at  650.644.8592

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