Embracing Power

A Spiritual Retreat is an inner outer space.  As I grow up, and get closer to the real me, I realize that the only thing I have is me.

If I want to be effective, free.  If I long for a strong back and a wind to sail me forth.  I must embrace all of me.  Be the boat, the water, and the motion.

I must claim the Spiritual Retreat within.  Design my own Self Sanctuary.



I must be mother to my fears, father to my tears, comfort and rock all the bits that dont feel like they belong.


No one can soothe me, rock me to sleep, light the fire, or hold me while I weep but ME.


Life not easy.  It does not have to be hard either.


Trust means trusting me.  Embracing my instincts.  Trusting that the Universe will hold me in the cradle.  You are you.   It is necessary to trust the whole of you.

There is no one else to run your life, inspired by your dreams.


The first step to uncovering your power is to let go.  Funny that letting go is so hard.  Easier to hold on to what we know, no matter how unhappy we are.

It seems impossible to let go, almost like what we know is a framework that holds us up, and holds us back.    When I was at a Manifesting Party a while back, and had this incredible

sensation that I was being moved, while sitting still.  The instructor explained that I had a hard time letting go. So I was shifted into a fast moving elevator (that is what it felt like)

I had to think about that one for a bit.  Always prided myself on being able to change with ease.

What are you holding onto, out of familiarity?  What fear has you encrusted into a shape that bends your back and holds you hostage?

Trusting means releasing the ties that bind us.  Allowing the fear in, so we can absorb it, gentle it, comfort it.

Is your trust big enough to fly without knowledge of a net?




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