Finding Sanctuary on Independence Day

Happy Independence day! Hopefully you are planning a celebration in your own style Take time to be joyful and pause to reflect on what freedom of speech means to you  Those immigrants and Indians who battled, won and gave ground surely must have found sacred space to temper their strength and wits to birth the United States of America.  Independence takes courage, self trust and the resilience to stand alone.

Red, White and Blue Inspiration

Red, White and Blue Inspiration

Few womenfolk have sufficient brute strength or inclination to force freedom, we prefer the power of love, grace and gratitude or at least I know I do, and it can be a demanding dance to maintain balance.   Which is why boundaries are required, in a safe personal space where you can relax, reflect and refuel.  Independence needs the sustenance of solitude.

Holidays and festive weekends can be demanding. Sometimes our families create more stress than the happy scenes in our imagination.  Those same tired old fights and disagreements break out like clockwork at every get together.  So what does a freedom loving woman do?  Breathe out.  Relax your body. Find your center and your truth.  There is no need to convince or cajole.  Let the dissenter have his say to air his grievance.  Give him room to speak, and an open heart to hear his pain. Give thanks that he is safe enough to speak out, let him know he is heard, still loved and then move on.   Independence means letting go of the need to fix other people’s choices.

Fourth of July DressPut aside time for yourself to get centered before the rush begins.   How much time do you need?   Where can you go to be quiet, journal or reflect on your intentions for the day?
If you don’t have a peaceful escape, perhaps now is a good time to put a favorite chair in a secluded corner of the garden or house.  Ready your retreat for that spare moment, or foverwhelm during the party, so it is an easy walk to freedom. Do you need a notebook and pen? A jug of water and a glass? A fan?  Make a list and decorate your sanctuary.

Life happens, family happens. People will always have differing opinions. Iff you can focus on what matters, take sanctuary when needed and resist the urge to take sides or reason with anyone, I think you will discover the sweetness of being independent on your own terms.

Outdoor Festive Hideout for Fourth of July created by Jen Duchene on Olioboard

What do you do when you feel the urge to make nice with disgruntled family members?  Do you surrender to your sacred space?  What does independence mean to you?  I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.  If you need help creating boundaries to express yourself in a sanctuary or words of your own, feel free to contact me.

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