Do your Home Decor ideas deserve abundant thought?

Ideas for decorating a home come from the heart.  The other day I was at a manifest party and the conversation was about scarcity and how that kind of thinking means we never have abundance in our lives.

It got me thinking. Money is energy.  It is also the way we recognize wealth in another human being.  More interesting still is how much abundance and the lack of can translate into the way we live at home.   When we think that we are too poor to live well, then that becomes true.  Are you abundant in how you think of your surroundings?  Do you tell yourself you can’t afford to live well? That you cant afford interior design help.Even though an hour or two can change your room from drab to fab?

Or do you see all your treasures around you as a rich and abundant reflection of how full your life is?  What makes a space cozy is the feeling you bring to the importance of the items you collect in love.  Polishing with happiness, sharing with joy. Being abundant in the spirit of creating your nest. No matter the cost.

Take a look around your room and do you see abundance or scarcity?  Are you plunged into the joy of living or holding back for someday?

I find I love shiny objects, and loads of texture, with warm colors like gold’s, and my favorite black white, green, blue and reds. These same colors are reflected over and over. I see history in rugs with patterns, and enjoy how the light catches my favorite green beaded bowl.   If you want to move from scarcity to an abundant lifestyle first you have to know you are worth it. Then you have to let go of what no longer serves. Consider buying something you love, even if you have to spend some time looking for it, or more than you thought you would.  Open up a space in your place and your heart to welcome in color and objects of desire. Using home decorating tips as simple as a bunch of flowers spilling out of a vase, a pile of books. Embrace whatever spells home and connection to you. Stop looking at objects in your home from how much they cost in dollars, or trying to force yourself to feel good about it because somebody else told you should.

Thrift store and garage sale jugs spill over abundant flowers in my home

What do you have in your home that makes you feel abundant and beautiful?  Bring more of that into your life.

What do you think about abundance and scarcity?  Do you think that your attitude towards your rooms affects the way you perceive how you live?

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