Home Office Design Ideas

Part of being a designer,  for me, is when a client calls me to help them dream up a vision, so they can build it.

So when my client Shirley called me to help her with her husband’s  home office design ideas, I was delighted.

The original office was in one bedroom, and she was now flip flopping the room with the guest bedroom.   Since her husband is at work in that office way more than guests are visiting, she decided to finally give him a decent view!

My client has a family member who is a cabinet maker of all things wood.  Talented and particular Mike Cresswell.  What a pleasure to work with him.

So we talked about what  was needed to turn this space into a gorgeous custom built office, including a custom desk.   When thinking about creating your home office design, function should be your first thought.

A clever way to be inspired into creating home office decor is to incorporate existing loved pieces, in this instance we knew my client’s husband’s  wanted to have his personal favorite collection of  Kachina Dolls, wood carvings and artwork.     The maple was chosen to ofset the collection.   Purple heart and Red heart wood  were used to create an accent that would be timeless & tie in to the colors of the ethnic art.

Many sketches,  drawings,  and much sawdust  and patient work by Mike done,  the final product is complete:

This is the original room with art  (we did a color consult on this room a couple years earlier & the client decided to keep the same color)

Original bedroom taken by Jennifer Duchene

After the last saw and screw is done, including beautiful new Brazilian wood floors, the shelves are filled with husband’s favorite pieces & his working tools:

Custom cabinetry, same paint after taken by Jennifer Duchene

This is the wall opposite, I am just enthralled with how wood can change the feel of a room:

Wall in office before taken by Jennifer Duchene

After the old cabinetry has been pulled out, and some panelling that blocked off extra space, was removed.  We decided to turn previously unused space into the printing and supply central.

This is the wall after.  I think I am in love!

office wall after the install of cabinetry and wall panel taken by Jennifer Duchene

What do you think? Would love to create an office that fills your working needs and gives you pleasure?

Sometimes clever planning is the springboard to a whole new look, even on a small budget.

If you want to create a Diva Den to indulge your inner Goddess, call me.  I would love to set you on the path to personal greatness.   Jennifer Duchene  650.644.8592

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