Interior Window Treatments: Decorate with Drapes

Drapes add life

There are so many ways to create good looking window coverings even with a small budget.

Interior Window Treatments : Drapes

A big mistake people often make with standard fare Window Drapery is hanging them too low.

Raise the bar as high as you can in a low ceiling room, this will make the room appear larger.

Extend the window hardware / curtain rods so that you can open the drapes wide.

Cut the skimpy look of store bought drapes by hanging a pair  of  drapes side by side, on each end of the window.

Add weights to the bottom, inside the hem, using drapery weights

Make sure that the drapes touch the floor at least

Nothing more exposed than the sad view of the wall beneath a too short drape showing up.

Consider a semi custom look, by using one of the tricks available

Custom drapes made to fit your window, from a limited fabric choice

Attaching additional fabric at the bottom and side piece by sewing on, or using an iron on product.

Lined drapery helps the fabric hang better and give better cover.

Make your own drapes from sheets, fabric or repurposed old drapes.

Barter with a friend who sews or check with your local seamstress  to fashion or alter the drapes you are looking for.

Places like Ikea are full of fun and affordable options.

Keep in mind that drapes are long term purchase, that is used daily, so it is worth the investment of time and money.

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