Laundry & f. Bombs

Are you censoring you speech and emotions? Holding back and swallowing your truth.  Hiding behind a Polite Mask?
I had to do laundry the other day. 

Its almost feels  like I am on another planet.  The laundry planet.  I watch other people folding their laundry and revealing a secret part of their lives. Tight lipped or jolly – I feel transported to a tiny moment in their personal living rooms.  Maybe washing out all the essence of who they are.  The beast within.

Whenever I fold my underwear, I think that I really need more sexy underclothes.  To let my wild woman have her own little secret, out loud in the laundry.  Suddenly I get this thought about how much we launder our emotions.   How easy it is to throw all our “wild and unacceptable thoughts and opinions” into the washing machine.   Wash out all the color and personality and disguise who we are.

Are you laundering your emotions?  Hiding out behind  a clean clothed look that has little to do with the real you? Generic wear, wrinkle free and boring, a great coverup? 

Pressing down on what you would love to say, but fear to utter?  How many times have I swallowed my words, used the omission pass to get to the next step?   Pressing down emotion behind clean folded laundry can be so painful, and definitely doesnt leave room for outrageous fun.  Its hard to be vibrant and happy if your thoughts need bleach and lots of ironing.  Or if a few wrinkles have you twisted in a knot, concerned about how it looks.

I do believe in manners but every polite woman needs to reserve the right to drop an f-bomb or have an explosion of passion once in a while. To add a dash of unexpected color, and to let the wrinkles show.

Would you dance in a laundromat?  Cleaning may be a fact of life, but surely passion and voicing truth is required?   What do you think?  Are you willing to risk it all for the freedom to wash & wear sexy underwear without batting an eyelid?  To mix your whites with a little bit of the unexpected?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I would love to know your opinion.

Joie de Vivre


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