Life on Purpose

Reflecting on the horror of the Tsunami in Japan, this past week makes me think about the people whose very lives have been washed away by the force of nature. Family members lost, livelihoods, homes.  All the things we strive to protect and surround ourselves with, gone in a big wall of water.

Nature has her way of balancing the earth.  Not choices we would make as humans.

Can we save everyone?   Sadly not, but we can save ourselves!

As I feel a deep sorrow, and a space within me opening to hold their pain, I think about how much we live our lives thinking someday.

I bet most of us are not thinking someday when a disaster hits, we are usually thinking someday about the pot of gold and the rainbow.

Which is a good thing.

Choice can be a punishing taskmaster.  Why not make it your friend?  Choose your life, whether it is six months or sixty years.

Think about what you would do if you had six months to live,  Barbara Stanny shares her Sacred Success formula.

We cant all sell our shares and fly off first class to a resort we have been dreaming of, like that movie Last Holiday,  because few of us actually know when the six months bell is ringing.    We could think our life differently.  Start living for today, in the moment.

Enjoying the best parts of being alive.  Surrounded by love, light and laughter or growing towards it.

Hit the ground running to having a plan, with rewards along the way.   Mold your life, your thoughts, so that you get what you dream of.  Open yourself up to your inner voices, to spiritual guidance. Create a space that celebrates who you are.

Today you can take a small step to free yourself by writing down what you want in your life,  setting goals, objectives with dates and numbers no matter how crazy it seems.

Start keeping a personal journal with positive change in mind. Some ideas from Judy Stone Goldman,
Create a Goddess space for you to nestle in.  A table, a comfy chair, a lamp and some meaningful items, is a wonderful place to start.  We each can light a candle within ourselves, and change the world with a glow

This is my journey and it is working, my life is filled with abundance I never thought would be possible.  I am relishing the moments… do yourself a favor and honor the Diva within Divadom.

What are you doing lately that is a direct cause of a loss or a need that is feeding your inner Diva and changing your world?

If you need help pulling a Goddess space into the realm of reality call me Jennifer Duchene… I can mix you up some lifestyle magic     650.644.8592

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