Mothers Day Gift is in the post

In honor of a woman who shaped so much of my life, as part of my journey, I thought I would take a few steps back in time to decorate from memory.

My mom and I

When I think of my mom, I think intelligent lively, opinionated, talented. A woman who could make things happen. Who could decorate a paper bag and in fact wore a paperbag on her head when driving a car she refused to be seen in.

The youngest of five girls. with a turkey for a pet.  Turkey Lurkey would walk my mom to the bus stop every morning, and trundle home back to wait at the bus stop at pick up time.(some how Turkey Lurkey knew what time to leave)  What a vision.  I love all the stories my mom told me about her childhood.  I can picture her having tea with the headmistress at school, after being thrown out of every class, the outspoken rebel child who did not fit in the mold.

My mom, who swam like a fiend,  and who spoke her truth.

Who hid her little dog under her hat on the train, who taught herself so many things.

Conquered her shyness and almost conquered the world. Or could have, if she had only wanted it badly enough.

Self taught to cook, wild child, dream dresser, superb dancer and scintillating conversationalist.  She collected dishes and plates of every hue.  She taught herself to sew so she could wear the latest fashion. And later frequented the most stylish boutiques. The best dressed woman. Mom fashioned a home with such style, beauty and grace wherever she landed.  She built two homes; both incredible spaces I would love to call home right now, with big rooms, lots of light and incredible views.   I can still remember every detail including  the sweeping veranda, and her lavish marble bathroom with mirrored walls in the second home.

Oh, the meals we had.  My mouth still waters, at the remembrance of those feasts. The lunches, afternoon tea’s those huge summer spreads with the table groaning under the tastiest fare, the indoor and outdoor rooms resplendent in blue and white.

Lavish dinners, dressed all gold tables, or red or green, unique menus and stylish settings.

Housecleaning day, every Friday, the space was upside down. Beds stripped and sprayed, indoor plants on the lawn for a good soak, floors washed, chandeliers dusted. Fresh cut flowers filling the beautiful Italian ceramic vase.

My mom had the most amazing costume jewelry, hats bags shoes coats, we sometimes would get dressed up for tea.

Tea at four, sitting around in the blue room talking about life, the universe and everything.  Staying up all night when family came round, to chat laugh drink endless cups of tea, play games. Live. Laugh. Dance. Decorate like no one was watching.

Mom & Me in France as we celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday mornings my mom would rise early to bake for the day, in case guests dropped in.

Beloved Mom, you really did influence my life, you filled it with riches. Books, flowers, dancing, music, card nights, dinner parties, food to die for & a huge love of life.

Do you  have a special Mom Memory?  I would love to hear it.

If you are longing for a space to celebrate you, give me a call  Jennifer Duchene at 650.644.8592

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