My Top 11 firsts for 2011

Betwixt the Christian/Judeo/ Pagan holiday celebrations (fitting that they all collide this year for so many reasons)  and the Western new years day is International list week, or so it seems.

Fireworks in Montreal explode with energy

Everyone has a list. The top ten photos of the year, or the best food of the year or even New Years Plans.   Lists are flying out of every window and door on earth.
I wonder if aliens and angels make lists too?

A list to celebrate my top Eleven Firsts for 2011 .    The best of the year has been all the amazing friends I have met and deepened.  Beacons of light, love and gratitude. Design & creativity.

This list is for me- my deflowering list of Firsts.

1. Writing  my bookLe Chic Cocoon  for what it made me and what it gave me.

2. Publishing my Book  taking the plunge to invest  in taking book to market & winning the Book Marketing award.

3. Going to iSimangaliso wetlands of South Africa World Heritage Site.  Priceless to be in the arms of mother earth.

4.  Experiencing Breakthrough coaching:  breaking down walls and shields that have held me trapped since childhood.

5.  Letting go of my old tired story and creating a new one.

6.  Embracing spirit and surrendering to a deeper sense of life.

7.  Going to the first Blogfest  2011 in NYC meeting twitter friends. Visiting Kravet, House Beautiful Architectural Digest. Hearing Barbara Barry speak.
8   Book signing and visiting Highpoint Fall Market and connecting with twitter friends and hanging out wtth them

9. Becoming a Character Code Coach & learning all about the Character Codes

10. Going to Las Vegas   – to speak at IRIS conference

11. Hosting a twitter chat.  Fabulous. I got to host two this year and it was exhilarating.


What are firsts you have accomplished this year?  What made you grow, charged you with change?  Share by commenting below.


Wishing you Joie de Vivre (the joy of life)


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