Oscars and Design Bloggers celebrate

How fitting that Oscar night takes place on the same night as the Design bloggers Conference 2012 begins. Not only are we in Los Angeles.
We are staying at the Millenium Biltmore, where  Oscar events unfolded for 14 consecutive years in the very room we are convening.  Interesting to note that the first Oscar ceremonies were men only.

How they would leap about to see what the world has come to.  Women changing the world. Winning awards. Opinionated, feisty and aglow.


Lobby of Biltmore

As I sit in the glamorous out of this world ballroom under parasol  shaped chandeliers, where angels and gods cavort in play, I am reminded how there are no coincidences. Only convergences.
I believe that we are each playing a part on the stage of life. Many  could win an Oscarina* for doing so with verve and vibrancy.

Original Photo of a Photo Oscars at the Biltmore

Original Photo of a Photo Oscars at the Biltmore – no women on the podium.

The stage is set by Currey and Co, illustrating gilt and glamor of an age gone by, that has laughingly returned.  The messy melting pot of life, entwined with elegance. A perfect accompaniment to what is about to unfold. Whether you curate or create, design bloggers and world influencers understand that beauty, and boldness hang in delicate balance.  The art of being depends on combining wit with very personal style.

Celebrating with Taste.  Champagne for everyone

Celebrating with Taste. Champagne for everyone

Martyn Lawrence Bullard arrives to open the event, deliciously worse for wear after attending several Oscar parties. He almost should speak from the Zebra fainting couch as he unfolds his charming tale of dancing with the stars, decorating in the theater of decadence.



Speaking of  circumcision cloths that slumber as bed heads, and the largesse of life quaffed in celebration of the Individual.


Chocolates for all.

I gaze up to see the Gods laughing in approval.  This is the stuff of life, maestro play on….jig to your own tune, be real, be present.  Radiate and roll in love for what you bring to the table.  Isn’t that what started the Oscars?  Actually, I had a good chuckle over what started the awards.  Quoted from WikipediaMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio boss Louis B. Mayer created this as a  professional honorary organization to help improve the film industry’s image and to help mediate labor disputes.” Blogging has some maverick qualities. Diarizing in the new town square of life.  Everything odd becomes establishment, with tenacity and passion.

Blogging Tweeting and videoing, what time has wrought to the hallowed ballroom

Blogging Tweeting and videoing, what time has wrought to the hallowed ballroom

What is on your own dance card of life? Who are you when the lights go down?

If you were to win an Oscarina* – what would the category be?

I would love you to share your thoughts, about Oscarinas, coincidences and women bloggers in a comment below,

Joie de Vivre


*Oscarina is a term I coin for a female statuette one we should all lay claim to in our Le Chic Cocoon.

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