How to Change a room with Paint

I believe strongly that decorating is essential.  Far from being a superficial activity, it feeds directly to our souls.

I believe that the space you live in dictates how you live.

Why do we love going to luxury hotels. when we can?  Because they make us feel good.

How can anyone reach the heights of happiness when they live in a dungy dark depressing space of little light?

I believe in it so much that I make it my mission to find  charity projects to bring some color into a life that needs it.

One such project is one I am working on, in the bay area.

This Charity project that found me  is a County Home, for young women, a last stop to stay with their young babies, and learn some coping skills, before either going home babes in arms or

losing their beloved children to the state.

What an incredible moment.  I love it when a plan comes together.

I visited the home, talked to the director, who graciously gave me permission to swoop in change.

Since the building is modern and new, we need only to do a little tweaking and painting to bring a real sense of home to these women and their children.

Then its time to find the painter.  for free.  Not an easy task.  High High ceilings. Two big Great rooms.

After a couple months chasing down dead end alley ways, I write in my date book  FIND PAINTER at 1.00 pm a Thursday in April.

Funny thing I was at a networking meeting, with one of my favorite groups and I  sat next to an amazing woman.  Lorrie.

She told me she painted houses. among other things. and I asked her is she would be interested in painting our project.

Without hesitation she said YES!   I could not believe my luck.  Could life be this good and this simple?

Right now my Chapter members and I are involved in getting the decorations ready Sewing Pillows with donated materials, painting frames planning the spaces for the Redesign.

I am so excited to see the rooms finally made over,  I cannot wait.

What do you think?  Does changing a rooms paint color make you happy ?

Please comment below to share your thoughts.

And if you would like to change your home to color, call me Jennifer Duchene  at 650.644.8592  – I would love to see you shine

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