Spiritual Retreats

In honor of Martin Luther King day  I wish you tranquility, a spiritual retreat for yourself and others.

Yesterday I watched a Mandala Ceremony for dispersement.  These monks travel around the world creating beauty as an act of compassion.

Compassion means empathy not pity.  I dont know about you, but pity stings me, compassion connects me.

Sometimes ?  Why do we constantly berate ourselves, setting our own bar higher, instead of applauding the good things we achieve?

Last year, as part of my journey to wholeness, I went to Pamelah Landers for a hand analysis.  Do you know that the most impactful thing she told me was that I need to be very very kind to myself?

Have you been very kind to yourself?  Allow yourself a moment every day to enjoy who you are. Sit in a comfy chair and feel good about yourself.  Put up a piece of art that talks to you, or arrange a vase of flowers to delight you.

Create your own spiritual retreat and develop meditation techniques that speak to the strength in you.

A peaceful view taken in a garden wall

How do you honor yourself?  Where do you go, or what do you do to remember your strengths ?

And if you would like help creative a space to indulge call me  Jennifer Duchene  @ 650.644.8592

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