Retreats for women include treats

My life is moving into a whole new space.   I am walking through our three rooms ok three and a half.  Eeny meeny miny moe.   I am moving.  Again.

I have the movers booked.  And a temporary space to stay.   So all my worldly goods need to be confined into a storage box space.

In the interest of embracing trust and unknown changes, I am feeling the need to let go of so many items I am connected to. Pieces that hold a visceral sense of who I am or who I thought I was.

Strange to think that I travelled a road, collecting, gathering & building a nest.  Planning how our future would be.

And then one day the mirror shattered.  Must begin again anew.   Plunge into life as a new born. Even though I some would say I am past my sell by date.

It feels odd. But I do trust.  I am ready to embrace change.  I just received my new Reminder Cards created by Jolene Setterfield. The card that jumped out at me was the Embrace the Unknown card.

I have also had reminders to bang the drum (socialize) and to connect with my inner artist.  I have let her languish in the dark for too long.

Inspired by a Twitter chat #DesignTV with Amy  @abcddesigns & Jonathan  @jonathanlegate I decide to troll through some websites looking for what I want now, to gather interior decorating concepts to share with my clients, and to kick my creative side in the butt.  To get me inspired. Excited for my new journey.  Many roads lead from this home.  No road is the wrong one.   What matters is that I gather only what I need to get to my first Spiritual Retreat.

I feel breath fill my lungs, my soul, with hope.   Destiny awaits, with human lessons, tears laughter and joy.  I am beyond ready for joy.  What about you?

Do you have a mood that you are trying to create? Is there a special piece that you long to own, that you know will inspire the new you, whether you are travel to new worlds or staying in your present one?

I pulled my room together on Olioboard.  What home decorating ideas are calling you?   Selecting decorative items that spoke to me, with no preconceived ideas, I find I am drawn to a feeling of old comfort

I am flying down a memory lane that I have not traveled, but I am willing to sink into, nonetheless.   A book room, an adventure to remember room, and expansive space that leaves me with room to breathe.

Reclaimed and renewed items, a tufted sofa, a patchwork rug, tasseled drapes…

What special shapes colors or things are calling you home?

No matter the space, no matter the shape of your life, a little retreat with treats, even if its only a small vase of flowers, or a special cup for tea.

What little luxuries will unfold the magic?

If you are longing for a retreat that allows you to renew your inner woman call me,   Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592.  or join in the conversation with a comment below.

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