Crafting Your Sanctuary of Chic

Attention: Overwhelmed, exhausted Women who are tired of saying yes to everyone else’s dreams


Are you weary and frazzled from

sacrificing your space

and needs to help others?

Ready to create a

Sacred Space to call your own?….


Dear Chic Fabulettes,

Are you…

  • Exhausted from doing for others with nowhere to retreat alone to recharge and renew your sacred self?
  • Ashamed of how selfish you feel needing a space to call your own?
  • Longing to relax without worrying about anyone else?
  • Wondering how to turn that mess into a welcoming room that invites you in to rejuvenate your spirit?

Let’s face it.

How many times have you told yourself that you will let everyone fend for themselves and take time for yourself?  Be selfish,  so you recover from feeling burnt out and soul weary?

You tell yourself that you need your own space, a little peace and quiet to let go, and then somehow guilt creeps in and you worry how they will manage without you?

Perhaps you have even tried to create a place that is all your own, but somehow when you get there longing to be soothed, your heart sinks because the space reminds you of everything that is a struggle in your life.

Everything feels so draining.

You just want to feel confident, relaxed and rediscover the joy in life you had years ago.  When you felt free and lighthearted.

You’ve reached a point where it feels impossible to go on like this.

Perhaps you’ve stopped trying.

Maybe you’re ashamed to admit you are unhappy

Maybe you’re starting to withdraw.

Maybe you feel done.

But how do you turn around a lifetime of people pleasing?

It’s starts here.

My name is Jen Duchene and I help exhausted people pleasers to ask for what they want, feel authentic, joyful and create a sacred space that expresses who they are openly and with love.

Getting in the habit of putting yourself first is not easy. There is a lot of fear and confusion around connecting to your hidden desires and accepting that you deserve to be “selfish”.

Being agreeable and selfless is often ingrained from childhood.

Perhaps like me you had no sacred space you could call your own. I understand how you feel. I used to feel that I didn’t deserve a space of my own.  That I was here to help others.  My inner soft spot and need for safety never materialized in a room.  As an Interior designer I was an expert at creating sacred space for others.  But I never even consider creating that sanctuary for myself.

Excelling at doing things to make other people happy

Denying  needs and failing to create boundaries to

support, nurture or sustain loved ones.

I am an expert at helping people release their

people pleasing ways

My experience has taught me the importance of creating a Sacred Space and that is why I teach it to others

Anger and exhaustion stopped me from truly being there for those I loved.  Until it got so bad I couldn’t function.  I could barely drag myself out of bed.  Fearful, and touchy, I couldn’t feel love anymore.  Just weariness.

I knew that I had to take action, take responsibility to carve out a space for me before I lost everything. I reached out and got a lot of help, and I started creating my own space, It was a step by step process collecting time and items I was drawn to, like a robin building her nest.

In this program I will help you create your own sacred space where you can nourish yourself, build, your confidence and finally stop searching outside for the abundance and love you crave.

As a design expert, and Polite Woman Extraordinaire discovering and creating my space came naturally.   My expertise eased the way to ‘go home’  This turned my life around and  led me to write my bestselling book called, “Le Chic Cocoon – 7 Steps to Creating your Selfish Space”.

Having a defined space gave me permission to speak up for what I wanted. I could choose to be a victim or a woman who made her own rules.   I used to be a woman who couldn’t take care of myself for fear of hurting others.

By creating a room of my own, I cut the strings that had me waiting for permission and approval from others, to be me.

Personal empowerment has been at the core of my work.

Since I cured my people pleasing ways, with a lot of help and time in my sacred space, I am on a mission to empower other exhausted people pleasers find their roots.   So you can ask for what you want, create healthy boundaries without guilt and give freely, joyfully, while feeling confident, strong, and authentic.

I’m passionate about giving you the support and tools to express yourself on your own terms. I expanded my step-by-step process so I can show women like you how to create your own environment that is a true reflection of who you are and what you want, to free yourself in every area of your life

Here is my: 

Sanctuary of Chic graphic


Step One: Define Your Space

Defining your emotional, physical and spiritual container is key to creating a space that nourishes you.In this module you explore those limits and relationships to gain clarity, so you can craft the room you need.

1. What it means to create limits and protection in physical and mental space.

2.How to empower your inner woman to express limits and create personal space boundaries and grounding through exercises, and journal prompts.

3. Draw up your Polite Power Woman Schedule and Limit List.



Step Two: Be Inspired

Discovering the magic of what sparks a room or a space you love is all in the inspiration. In this module you will explore what inspiration means to you.

Harness your personal style so you can luxuriate in a space that speaks to you.

1. Ideas to inspire, discussion and examples to get you feeling creative when building your boundary of space.

2.Exploration and discovery of your personal inspiration piece, colors, and mood.

3.Finding or making a talisman to guide your room



Step 3: Finding Room

Explore and expand the possibilities of your current physical space in this module. How to create sanctuary by moving the right pieces into place, in whatever environment you have now. Enjoy your personal patch of peace taking shape.

1.Research steps- What room will fit your needs ?

2.Action steps – Letting go of what holds you back. Use movement to allow change..

3.Options, setting limits and choosing the ideal space to meet your need now.

4.Exposure to creating abundance in your physical space even if you feel stuck.

5.Steps to start crafting a room of your own.



Step 4: The Plan

Once your territory is set, in this module you will uncover exactly what you need to furnish your Sacred Cocoon to  best support your personal needs. Including all those puzzling design questions like what color or where shall I put my chair?   There will be time to ask questions about your personal challenges and celebrate your successes.

1 Bringing the basic room together and share a challenge

2. Create a plan for your space

3.Explore relationship of furniture, color, texture and light

4.Resources and ideas to stretch your budget to get basic room in shape.

5. Show and tell. Each participant gets time to ask questions relating to their space.


Bonus Call



Step 5: The Chic

In this module you will discover how to bring out your style so that you express the essential you within your budget. Using what you already have plus some clever inventive alternatives. We will cover how and what to do with accessories that define and reflect your inner self so you can feel safe and sacred in your personal space.

1. Discuss what the role of accessories are and where to start. Layers of richness              and personal style make the room feel like you.

2. Explore ideas you can easily implement at home.

3. Share Resources and future steps.

4.Individual time to discuss challenges and how to turn them around.

In my 
Le Chic Living  Crafting Your Sanctuary of Chic 4 step program, which I am only offering to 10 fabulettes, you will:

  • Learn from a professional interior designer /expert who has witnessed the power of creating sacred spaces
  • Craft a space that speaks to you, and gives you a sense of ownership and connection using what you already have
  • Gain a foolproof way to bring limits into life so you can stop saying yes to everyone else and start saying yes to you
  • Feel more at home in your world by increasing your confidence and energy
  • Free up more time to do things you want, so you can easily give more love.
  • Create better relationships with the people in your life, because you will be seen and heard. 

With Le Chic Living Sanctuary of Chic you are getting step by step training in how to create your own sacred space

This is the same system I use for my private clients to create their personal and professional Sacred Sancturies of Chic which typically costs $799.00 and up, You are getting this at a fraction of the cost because I am sharing my expertise in a group setting.  I want to empower more women to find a boundary they love exploring.  My goal is to guide you and not overwhelm you. Since this is a group program I will be honoring the sacred space of the group,  There will be time to share and get feedback.

If you desire, you will have an opportunity to work with me on a deeper level  following this program.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 4 weeks of recorded class sessions: – delivered to your inbox each week
  • Worksheets, resources and handouts
  • 120-minutes of live recorded group Q&A time with Jen (2 1x 60 min calls) 

Plus, you’ll also get this awesome bonus:

A 2 hour session on how to Accessorize your Sanctuary including feedback on your personal challenges and next steps.

The total value for this package is $1,200  

I am only taking 10 women in this exciting new program.  From the comfort of your home you will be able to create your own Sanctuary of Chic with my help.

So how much is the program?   Only  $198.00   

Crafting Your
Sanctuary of Chic



Satisfaction guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  I’m so confident in my expertise and design abilities, here’s my personal guarantee: Satisfaction guaranteed. That’s my promise. If you’re not totally in love with this program, simply request a refund by contacting us within 24 hours of receiving your second module. No questions asked. (Terms subject to change without notice to better serve you.)

“Still have questions?”

Q: How do I know if I need a space of my own?

If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with life, then you need a space of your own to get back to your basics.

Q: What if I don’t have a room I can use?

We will cover many ways you can find room in the space you live in now and you will have time to ask specifically about your space..

Q:I am not creative, will I be able do this?

You probably are way more creative than you give yourself credit for. However you dont need to have designer genes to do this.  I will hold your hand.

Q: This sounds like what I’ve been looking for! When does Le Chic Sanctuary start?

The first step will be in your inbox July 31, and every second Wednesday for the following 6 weeks  August 14, 28, September 11  2013.

The two Q&A calls will be Tuesday Aug 6  and Sept 8  12.30 pm – 1.30 pm

The bonus call is 2 weeks after the final content call on Tuesday October 8, at 6.30 – 8.30 pm.

Got additional questions about this program? Don’t miss your chance to join me for this because you have unanswered questions. Email me and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Sign up now and reserve your spot.

Crafting Your
Sanctuary of Chic