Say Cheese at Parties

Lifestyle is barely there if you dont indulge in Cheeses.  Especially if you frequent big party bashes.

While book signingLe Chic Cocoon” in Highpoint, North Carolina, I had time to wander a few halls, and search out party fare and celebratory moments.


I discovered that Highpoint loves to feed Buyers.  Food appears on tables and trays, along with pop up bar stands.

The biggest percentage of food is probably cheeses.  Considering most of us are moving or standing, talking to someone and holding a drink, cheese brings ease.


There were hard, soft & semi soft cheeses, with nuts fruit and meats.


When you are putting on a party, with lots of guests milling about, talking, walking, gesturing and probably holding things in their hands, be sure to consider how they will eat your tasty treats.

Feizy Carpets serves up a tasty table with Pineapple infused vodka and chairs to sit in


Highpoint is full of furniture showrooms, so there were plenty of seats for people to sit on while eating.  Most of whom crouched over their little paper plates, in a hurry to eat and move on to the next showroom.


Miles of piles of food to eat, and tasty drinks to swallow.  Some party food was hard to eat because the “finger food” sizes were too hard to swallow in one bite.


Shrimp and Sauce. I would be afraid to eat that standing in a crowd of people I am trying to impress


With holidays coming up, be sure to plan your big party so that the food is displayed to well, looks tasty, is easy to eat in one bite, while your guests mingle and wander.  Have plenty of napkins, plates & bins on hand.   Group glasses with drinks, and have name tags on glasses.


What do you think about cheese at parties?  What is your favorite finger food for parties?

Highpoint Soft Cheese rolled in nuts

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