Practical tools, healing, transformation, number magic and kick ass no nonsense compassionate clarity to overcome obstacles, release confusion and lose energetic weight.

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Single Session Options:

Akashic Power

Gain clarity and healing around soul searching questions.  Eliminate pain, fear, and confusion that has plagued you.  In one session you will feel a sense ease, and get simple practical steps to follow. Connecting to your own truth within, is a special kind of magic.  Akashic Readings take you into a high vibrational energy where you connect to the keepers of your personal soul records.  Everything you have ever done is recorded in a vast library of knowledge, yours to access, regain wisdom and knowledge to connect you to who you really are beneath the layers of hiding and fog.

Single Akashic reading

1 x 60  reading $ 197.00

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Numberology Readings & Reports

Numbers are a vibration that reveal a road map of your life purpose, gifts, challenges and career.  Discovering the meaning behind the numbers can move you from confusion to clarity and awaken the promise of your blue-print. Your birth name, birth date and even time of birth create a symphony of potential and possibility.  To be inspired by what your numbers reveal, peruse and purchase    

 Single Astro Numerology reading

1x 90 minutes

plus receive a recording and your astro-numeric chart.   $297.00

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Is my name fortunate report  - find out what vibration your current name is and if it is working for you or making your life more challenging.       $125.00 click here to pay  

 (free with astro-numerology packages)


Akashic and Astro Numerology Packages.

Divine Magic Bundle

1x 60 minute Akashic Reading Find answers, release blocks and uncover your soul truth and practical actionable steps 

1 x 90 minutes deep dive into your birth Astro-numerology exploring your birthdate, life purpose, destiny, lessons and challenges you came into this life with


Missing numbers and intensifications (repeating numbers)

Basic blueprint illustrating and supporting your why and how

Get clarity around old vows and current or past relationships or fears

Uncover old wounds, programming and patterns that undermine your confidence

Obtain easy practical steps to follow, that resonate on a gut level,

Divine Magic Bundle includes:

1 x 60 minute Akashic reading by phone or skype.

1 x 90 minute astro-numerology reading recorded by phone or skype.

Insightful fortunate name check, and up to 3 options if needed

$497     click here to pay  

or click here for the 2 payment option of $297 each

 4 Pillar and Divine Illumination Packages detailed here

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Group Experiences

Magic Circle Monthly by phone.

Not ready for a personal reading or just wanting a tune-up?

Clarity, Channeling & Clearing on Monthly Number and Energetic Codes sign up here

$15.00 per month   1 call plus the recording  or $97.00 a year for 12 calls

Speaking opportunities welcomed to small intimate groups or large.

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