I’m honored you’re here on this page and…I honor YOU, because this means you’re taking the next step to go deeper, get clearer, and get moving on your Soul’s path!

Akashic Records and Astronumerology (a combination of Astrology and Numerology) are powerful tools which ignite my intuitive and channeling gifts to reveal insights that can transform your life and bring Success into your life, on your terms. Our work together will fast-track healing so you can let go of whatever is keeping you from living your Divine purpose and replace it with focus, energy, joy and success.

I believe that mine is sacred work and I create a safe environment for you to be heard and to heal. My packages are designed to honor you on your particular soul journey. And to give you practical tools, transformational healing, with no-nonsense compassionate clarity.

This is for you if you yearn to…

  • Lose emotional weight and heal old wounds
  • Know the next steps to take in your personal or professional life
  • Improve, attract or leave a relationship
  • Release the anxiety, confusion, and fatigue that are blocking you
  • Zero in on your core issues – not just symptoms – for true change
  • Make decisions with clarity, connection and confidence
  • Live with a bubbling joy that imbues every moment with pleasure and possibility!

So have a look at my session packages below and see which resonates with you. You may lean toward Akashic Records reading, or the magic numbers of Astronumerology – or both. Read on for a brief explanation of each and how they can be combined to give you powerful results.

If you have questions or are not sure which is the best fit for you, just fill in the contact form toward the bottom of the page and I’ll be in touch.

Akashic Record Readings

Everything that has ever happened – your personal life blueprint – is held in a vast energetic library. Sound intriguing? Together we access these records of your soul so you can regain wisdom from your innermost self, clear blocks that hold you back, and receive easy, practical guidance.

Connecting to your own truth within is a special kind of magic. Through our one-on-one session I lovingly guide you to a deeper, more resonant sense of yourself.

Single Akashic Reading, 60 minutes – $ 197       

Magic Bundle of 3 – $ 555         

Astronumerology Readings & Reports

Everything we do involves numbers, and each number and letter has its own vibrational key which connects us to our essence. Even your birth name, birth date and time of birth create a symphony of potential and possibility! In our session together, I interpret the code of your numbers to reveal a road map of your life purpose, destiny, lessons, and challenges with which you came into this life.

Natal Astronumerology Reading,  which includes  2 x 60 minute sessions 1 each of Numerology and Astro-numerology (Recorded) plus a 30 minute Success Session to tie it all together – $ 397       

Already had a natal reading and want to find out what is happening now in your numbers? Or prefer to have only your numerology done, without the deep dive into your birth chart numbers?Single Numerology Reading, 60 minutes (Recorded) –  $ 197  

Fortunate Name Check – optimize business and personal success with a name that vibrates to aid your destiny.  (up to 3 names, with 2 optional spellings if required, and includes a 30 minute consult.) – $125       

Ready to go deeper?

My clients tell me they feel lighter, clearer and more at ease after just one session with me. And they’re  inspired to go deeper. Transformation is like peeling back the many-layered onion that is you. It is a process of first understanding yourself, then healing and clearing, and then taking action to truly step into your Divine skin and live fully!

Success Packages

Combine Akashic healing and clearing with Astro-Numeric insight in one powerful experience! Discovering your soul blueprint is like finding the key to the labyrinth, simple once you know it and an empowering launch to the path that is a life worth living.

Delve into your ‘why.’ Find answers, release blocks. discover your destiny and life purpose. The Soul Code Power Pack System uses the wisdom of your soul records and numbers in all areas that can block growth, ease and joy for a busy, dynamic woman

Soul Code Power Pack Includes –

 2 x 60 minute sessions of Natal Astro-numerology  ( Recorded )

1 x 60 minute Akashic Reading based on what shows up in your numerology readings that you want to clear.

1 x 60 minute session Future Focused Reading brings your current & future situation into your awareness   ( Recorded ) 

Plus 1 x 30 minute Success Session to help you use your numbers to your advantage.

4 x 60 minute sessions

Soul Code Power Pack – $ 797         

I have several additional delicious onion-peeling options for you including custom Divine Luxe packages. To learn more about additional programs, fill in this contact form and I’ll be in touch.

Wanting to test the waters?

Free Success Circle – Monthly Group Call

Not ready for a personal reading or wanting a tune-up? Join us by phone for a monthly 60-minute call on Clarity, Channeling & Clearing on Monthly Number and Energetic Codes. If you want a dash of wisdom and a splash of insight about the numbers for the month and how to roll with the changes…then this is the place for you.

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