Speaking out your Story

Having survived 5 Days at a Speakers Bootcamp.   I was expecting a certificate, and I got a glass of champagne!   Of course bubbles are so much more enjoyable that a piece of paper.

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There is much more to speaking than I dreamed.  Listening and connecting are valuable skills if you want to be heard..

It was exhausting, sometimes exhilarating and often fearful.

Humbling, human and transformational.
We were all  linked by experience and our need to be heard.

To raise our voice, get comfortable with speaking clearly and concisely.

Selling passion and personality from the stage.

Very much like living life.

If you thought about your desires and dreams as your story – what would be the highlights?
What moments would you reflect on?
What have you achieved that you are proud of? What humbled you and pushed you beyond your limits?

Are you willing to get uncomfortable to be vulnerable?
Put your heart on your sleeve?   Engage your powerful polite woman.

Be compassionate about your journey, and not point fingers or blame others?

Accept your choices and your shifts without judgement?

Pay attention so you enjoy the moment of transformation?
Plan, so things ran smoothly?

Keep doing what you doing on stage, when things go wrong in the back.

Carry on, regardless so that people stay with you and your tale? Are inspired and informed.

What is your greatest fear when you stand in the spotlight?

Will you  get close and personal, lay down your weapons, be open and still optimistic? Embrace all of you and to be at one with your audience?  The people in your life?

I would love to know how you play out your life theater,  and what the best part is.  Share a comment below.


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