Spiritual Healing begins with change

There is always a path to walk on.  I can linger as long as I want on the bench. But the path awaits my tread.

Yesterday, I talked to Randi Pierce. She told me that she senses I can play a key role, if I want.

All my hairs are standing up as I type this!

Ok, this is totally weird.

I signed up for her Empowered Brilliant Sexy without knowing what it was, because Ann Evanston said so.

Turns out that we have some overlapping connections.  Her first spiritual connector is directly linked to Pamelah Landers. The woman who pulled me into this energetic space, with whom I took my gift markings class.

After I got back from my weekend of exploring fingerprints and gift markings, (and yes there is a demarcation in my mind, as if time changed.  Or I went somewhere.

My odd conversation in the car with myself, the knowledge shared by the Spirit Guides, that human beings tell themselves stories.

That we need to laugh much, much more.)

I started writing about  my spiritual healing journey.

The next day, urged by Louise Edington who had read my first post, I listened to Randi’s key tips on the Rise of Feminine power.

Suddenly, It all made sense.  How can I be crazy if others know what I know?

How small is the circle of life?

Who am I ?  who am I?

Last night I was at another meetup for Louise Hay books Heal your life.  Every week, a group of us gather together to share our changework. We look into the mirror, and unpeel the layers of our stories.

Each week, Ana Maria Sanchez, of Free the Light Within who facilitates the meetup, places a card from a deck in her collection in front of each space upside down.

She tell us that the card pack cries “pick me, pick me” to bring their message to the meetup.

You may scoff, but the odd fact is that each card speaks to the person in front of it.

Last night my card was a Goddess card.

A big part of  power is the importance of feminine sexuality.

I have been working so hard on freeing the power within, using mind enhancement and energy work, but at the same time, I am ignoring my sexuality.  Probably because I am now divorced.  That sounds so strange.   I am divorced. I am divorced.

Even stranger really when I consider that the man who used to be my husband, and I are still living in the same place.

We are strangers with common bonds.

Yes, I am in denial of that  essential part of me.   At once I am stopped in my tracks, listening.

If you want a Diva Den to indulge your inner Goddess, call me  Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592

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