What happens when Vuvuzelas and Decorating collide?

Desmond Tutu says “Africa is the Cradle of Humanity, we welcome you home”  Can you relate to the mix of art and life?

The world cup has a profound effect on design.

The most watched event in the world.  When millions of people are exposed to a new culture, to the fabrics, and details of of how a country lives.

Design is all around us.  The clothes people wear,  the way they gather, party and identify.  The tools we employ to celebrate.

The restaurant designs, billboard posters, souvenirs they create.

This is all part of the fabric of life.  We live and breathe through the appearance of nature, buildings, clothing.

Our lives are changed by what we see.  When stars wear label purses, we rush out to buy. China or another BRICK country creates an imitation so everyone can be “IN”

A proud moment for me as a native South African to see The 2010 World Cup play out on my mother country soil.  The soul of my being is entwined with Africa. Now living in America and loving the mix.

The people, the smells, the colors.

How can I begin to explain the joy of living in a land, rich in a mix of people so diverse, wonderful and creative?  A land that is beautiful beyond words, it takes my breath away.

A people that are artistic as their birthright?  The music, the energy, the beat?

Daily life glistens with discards that become designer must haves.

Items that  influence designers through out the world.  And the Vuvuzela?  They have changed the conversation.  We have a new world word.

Amazing Awe inspiring.  I share a video that epitomizes who I am, who my people are and links the Shofar the Vuvuzela, originally made from Kudu horn, and used to call  distant villagers to a community event and the Trumpe.

Old traditions blow triumphant!

Pay attention to the incredible beadwork of talented South Africans, including one sold at Oprah’s online store

Are you influenced by what you see happening in other places other countries though media or in real life?  Has the Vuvuzela got you talking ? Did you dance to the beat ? Comment below and share your thoughts.


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