5 Easy Gifts for Holiday Giving

I have talked about the Vertigo of gift giving, and ugly white elephant gifts, now I want to talk about the flip side, the joy of giving gifts.

And what makes it onto  my list as an easy delightful find:

Number 1:

A box of good chocolates

is as sweet as it comes, I recommend going for class.

A gift of chocolate is sure to delight

Artisanal chocolates or a bag of  Lindt  slabs

Number 2


Obviously know your budget and know your giftee. If they drink beer  take along 6 crafted beers like

2010 Anchor Christmas Ale in a bucket with some peanuts.

If you are buying champagne pick something awesome in your price range.  Champagnes range from $20. up to hundreds

Nothing like a beautiful bottle as a leave behind

Nicholas Feuillatte “Blue Label” Brut Champagne is a terrific Champagne at under $25.00

Number 3

Artisanal food

like jam  or spread,  hazelnut oil,  delicious home made cookies.

If you are not a great baker, dont take along cookies made from a mix,  this is the moment to gift in style.

order something from a local craftsman, or topnotch bakery.

Call me a snob but a $5.99 giant box of panetone from a grocery chain just doesnt cut it in my book.  I would rather have a loaf of excellent brioche, with a block of  butter.

Make sure the goodies taste as good as they look - pick quality over quantity.

Number 4:

Fabulous soaps or an incredible candle.

We are talked pure hand milled luxury soap with a wonderful scent not your ordinary soap or a candle of divine luxe

Diptyque Candles

Number 5

An Experience

No matter your budget, there is an event you can offer as an gift

A museum membership, a night at the Opera,  a picnic,  a spa treatment,  a hot air balloon ride,  horse riding lessons,  a wine tour, a visit to an entertainment park, movies & popcorn,

A one day room makeover.

Pick something that will last far longer than the moment,  an your gesture will long be remembered.

Whether it is a taste on the tongue, a smell or an adventure, you will bring a little luxury into someones life and that is a gift worth giving!

Fly into a memory making moment

Happy Shopping!   I would love to hear what your favorite indulgent gifts are, comment below and share!
And if you want to gift a one day room makeover, or a color consult call me Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592
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5 Easy Gifts for Holiday Giving — 6 Comments

  1. love these ideas and it reminds me of the gift my Mom and Dad just gave us kids and it’s a CD of all our childhood pics they had converted from slides.

    • Joy that is a wonderful gift. For my inlaws 50th anniversary I gave them a book of pictures of moments we have all shared, and created a slide show to music which they absolutely loved. Memories really do hold so much, dont they?

  2. I love this post Jen. Especially the experience. That’s really got me thinking what I could choose to give as a gift this Christmas. A voucher for something truly memorable. Thanks for taking the time to share these really original ideas. Such a pleasure to read. x

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