Decorate for the holidays


• verb 1 make more attractive by adding ornamentation. 2 apply paint or wallpaper to. 3 confer an award or medal on. 4 Decorated denoting a stage of English Gothic church architecture of the 14th century with elaborate tracery.

— ORIGIN Latin decorare ‘embellish’, from decus ‘honour or embellishment’.

since the holidays are here what better time to celebrate while decorating

Some fun ideas you can try at home

Garlands using fabric or paper:

my personal favorite is paper cutout garlands or chain link garlands. Use simple designs

for Hanukah a dreidel or coins

for xmas or kwanza or any holiday or celebration: flowers like roses, birds, leaves or people.

Use colors that work with your decor. White and silver give a great look

Letters words and twigs Mirrors and any of the above will make a memorable look for less

Buttons on string or use pipe cleaners to create shapes.

Making your own snowflakes for your tree and for the table & for parcels


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