Reflections of 2010

Thinking back on 2010 really is reflecting on light and shadow.

Like a pool of water I am looking into.

Reflections of a time that has passed

Inspired by my blogging friend Judy Stone Goldman. I am putting the reflections to blog

Pools of water in the Sunshine.

What a year!

2010 started with a bang, we danced the night away with friends and it was so much fun.

Downsized our living space and it felt good to let go of so many objects.

I plunged into a new growth phase, suddenly  the person I thought I was, is murky in the water.

Nov 2009, I embraced the new world. plunging in with SNCC  bootcamp with Ann Evanston,  and  sunlight warmed dormant cells.

Growing my sphere of influence, discovering my voice and developing muscles I didn’t know I had.  I have encountered a pool of people I call friends on facebook.

A decision that has led me to deeper pools in the sunlight. Splashing around enjoying the marvels!

I decided to let caution drown, and took a series of workshops

Learnt that the only thing stopping my real success was my distorted reflection of reality.

I moved into clear waters, and let the Universe, friends and new lessons be my teacher

Realized a Charity Project I had planned.  Had my hands analyzed, Cards read.

Increased my work load, completed some wonderful projects

Had so much fun, went to Portland Oregon for the first time to visit a dear friend and had a blast
Took a color class with Maria Killam, a woman I have long admired. and did it in Vancouver, Canada, another new place.

Met Facebook and Twitter friends in real life, and it sparkled.

Moving into the Shadows of the pool, the reflections are harder to see (Middling)

luckily there are not too many blind spots…

Ran into my husbands wish to get divorced  funny thing I had written that on my wish board cos I knew it had to happen,  still it blindsided me,

Lacking organization, happily I have recently found someone to help me.  What a joy!

Had a hard time letting go of shoulds

Need to work on Emotional Maturity & being vulnerable

Need to conquer Time management issues.

Discovered I really need to change how I do business, need to focus more on revenue and expenses.

Are our binds ours to untwine?

Dark pools  (no light)

Could not visit my parents this year, again

Had to tell my daughter about my divorce, my parents and friends, Very Uncomfortable moments.

Did not see my personal friends enough this year.

All in all the reflections, make me happy.  I am kinder to myself and I am learning to enjoy the sunny hours.

Life is what you see reflected


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Reflections of 2010 — 13 Comments

  1. Very rmoving and heartfelt insights Jen. And a beautiful image of the pools reflecting your life back to you. It struck me how even your murky reflections are only clouded perceptions and that underneath they are clear and radiant. Thank you for posting this. x

    Fiona Stolze

    • Thank you so much Fiona. I think you are right about the reflections just being clouded but clear underneath. Such a touching response. So glad I got to meet you.

  2. Your words tug at my heart. Thank you so much for sharing the light that is Jen. My wish for 2011 is that we spend more time face to face.


  3. What a beautiful and creative reflection–love the multiple meanings of “reflection” with the pool. I’m honored to have been mentioned as an inspiration. When you are inspired, you go so deep. You are full of pools! I consider one of the gifts of 2010 having made a connection with you on-line, and for having you be part of this amazing group of women we seem to have discovered!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

    • Oh Judy you really make me feel special, thank you so much. I am constantly inspired by your writing, so its a real compliment. And yes our band of lovely women has been a beacon and a joy to me and I am thrilled I have you all along for the ride. A true blessing that we met.

  4. I so enjoy your writing and how you express your thoughts and emotions; beautiful photos and heartfelt words. I am in awe of your creativity and am looking forward to learning more from you. I wish you a very blessed and love-filled 2011!

    • Donna thank you so much. I have enjoyed discovering and developing my love of the written word combined with pictures. I am truly touched and humbled. I hope you too have an incredible 2011, I love reading your posts all about cars and what I need to know.

  5. Oh goodness Jen – this was so very moving! I find out more about you all the time and love you more and more. You, and our growing band of strong women friends, are one of the best things about this year and I wish I had put that in my reflection post!

    • Louise you have me tearing up! Love the thought of a strong band of women friends & sharing caring and getting to know each other. I too have enjoyed getting to know and love you more and more.

  6. Heidi & Atti what a lovely compliment! One of my intentions for this year is to be more vulnerable so I can go deeper and release the ties that bind!

  7. Finally, I had a chance to read your post! Aw, how nice that you shared all this with us, thank you. But isn’t it true that the positive stuff always prevails? I can read that in your writing and it’s all good.
    And identifying all the things that you would like to work on is like you’re already committed to achieve them: half-way there!
    Happy new year 2011 🙂

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