2018 Numeric Insight

2018 emboldens and brightens, giving us leave to let go of old antagonism, anguish and wounds. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31 of any year, we are moved by the universal energies into a new experience.   

The particular numbers of each year, are full of Wisdom, guiding us through the fog.  Helping us understand how to make the most of the opportunity, to become more aligned to our destiny.   Not to push ourselves to become more of what someone else says we “should” be.  Instead, release old contracts, agreements and behaviours that stifle our potential.    

2017 (2+0+1+7) was a 1+0 universal year, moving us beyond the single digits into creating richer relationships with our world.  

Charting a brand new 9 year course for all of us, and beginning the activation of the Aquarian age.  (begun 11/11/2011) (each constellation lasts about 2160 years)  2017 definitely challenged us to narrow our focus, examining things we had long ignored.   Bringing all kinds of ideas and ideology to the surface.

Awakening immortal energies within us while questioning the projectile of our current legacies.

What world are we populating and carrying forward?

The Aquarian age promises expansion and connection.    Tribal experiences or Dictatorship. Polar opposites of the same idea, either one is possible.   

Which one will we feed?      Either we take a stand for who we are and how we want to live, accepting our divine power, and choosing freedom or we take orders from the ones who take the reigns of power.  Active or passive, we must take responsibility for how our lives unfold.  

2018 begins with much stirring of the light.   We see things we have hidden.  We feel hopeful and aware our choices lead us.     We move from a 1 to a 2 in the cycle. 

As always the numbers guide us.   2+0+1+8 adds up to an 11.   

A master number. Gateway to Glory.

11 demands that we take responsibility for our own actions.  Master our fears and illusions.  Deal with what we blame and name as limitations.  RISK standing on our own two feet connected to Source and Ground.n  11 opens space for us to see more clearly.  Bringing the light into the places we dwell in.

We can fool ourselves but it wont make the world a better place.  Right now, we need to clearly see who we are, with compassion and acceptance.

Fear is an illusion and a prison that silences and shames us.   We can no longer huddle in the dark, refusing to act on our truth because we are scared.  Closing our eyes to what is right in front of us. We must see what lurks, trying to keep us scared and small.   We have to move into the light, let go of fright.   Walk through the doorway that lies beyond staying safe on someone else’s terms.

Possibility and growth awaits to escort us.

Yes.  Fear traps us and limits us.  We don’t need to invest in that kind of limitation.

Instead we must find the connections between our spiritual selves and our human bodies.   Open our hearts.  Stop judging ourselves, or others.  Everyone is Divine.

Get over any sense of not being enough or that someone else is better.  We are all worthy, and doing what we believe is sacred.

Many days I have to remind myself that even though my personality has quirks that are not very spiritual, that’s ok.  Normal.   I am not meant to be enlightened every moment.    However if I can learn to accept my quirks and love them then I can see the light in others, and feel love for them too.

11 adds up to 2(1+1) choices, decisions, boundaries.  Everything is as good as the choice you make around it.  You can beat yourself up.  Or you can give yourself love.   Its ok to do things badly.   Awareness and compassion will help you do better next time.   Decide and act.  Accept and allow.

Only you have the power to change what you think you are experiencing by naming and claiming your experiences differently.    

Choose that.  Choose to know that if you want time to spend on your own activities ,(for example) set a boundary.  Tell people out loud.   This is my boundary.   At 3 -5 on Wednesday I will be working on my own stuff.    Daydreaming.   Whatever.   State it, and activate it

Go do it.  Stick to being disciplined about what you are bringing into form.  Everything takes practice.  We don’t know how to be who we are, we have to learn. We can’t know how to make art until we paint or draw.   We won’t improve anything without consistent application.  Even love and relationships take effort. The planet Saturn(taskmaster) is in Capricorn (our standing in the world/ careers) for the next couple years assisting us to bring our ideas into form.  Making it real..   Who will you be? Here is your opportunity to stretch yourself and find out.  Willingly or unwillingly you will have to make choices and act them out.

2 encourages diplomacy.  Be kind while you pay attentions to the details of your dreams.  Bring your focus and intention from last year into reality by choosing to practice, deciding to speak out, join, attend to details, connecting to people and potential.   

Allowing what has been polarized to move closer to harmony, bridging gaps.

Focus on getting clear on what your really want.  What is your desire beyond the item in the window? What will it give you and why?

Ways to help yourself  move through the year

KINDNESS – Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you.    And then extend that out into the world.  You don’t need to agree with others to be kind.

BOLD – we have passed the point of doing things because the world tells us we are supposed to.  If you are going to stand on your own two feet, you must give credence to your own intuition and desires.

BOUNDARIES – mark the place that demarcate your needs.  That keep you safe.   Own those lines in the sand, give yourself space to live from fullness.

BALANCE everything.  The things you hear, what you see against the bigger picture.  Get out of the habit of dragging everything into opposition.   Leave behind what you don’t need without shaming or blaming it.

Right now, consider what would make you feel capable and strong in life that you want more of.

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