Kitchen Remodel gets styled

A couple of weeks ago I did a styling for a photo shoot of a remodel I had designed.  Totally fun to go out and pick up some pieces, including flowers and fruit to pop the prettiness right out.

Creating new spaces, is a thrill. Picking materials, working with the home owners to hone in on their style and life functions is challenging and rewarding.

Always issues come up, like the tile we finally settle on, is no longer in stock.  Or the painter is off on another job.

Finally slowly, the space fulls together.

The original Kitchen

After the remodel is done & kitchen is styled

After the space is created, not only do I want the homeowners to love it, it is also rewarding to hear that all their friends love it too.

And that the space functions so much better.

Of course many homeowners balk at finishing the job. Creating the remodel takes time, and money.

Finally they can get back to cooking in their kitchen. Relaxing in their own home.

No more workmen wandering around, banging, knocking, creating dust.

The final part of the job is to finish up with the furnishings. Maybe you are still going to keep your same furniture, but you need a new rug. or some  pillows that pull the space together

Or you understand that you need to let go of, or store things, that dont have a place in your new living room.

Doing the styling for the photo shoot, gave me an opportunity to shop for the perfect rug, and to pull together ceramics flowers and fruit that compliment the rooms.

Adding seasonal color and texture changes the look

The result?   My client is thrilled how it turned out.   The styling really gave her a look, that echoed my words. Something she could embrace. Now her old furniture fits the new rooms.

I love working with the new and the old, to create a warm inviting environment.

So how does your home hurt you when you come home?

Is there something that doesn’t feel right?  I would love to hear about your home living frustrations.

I specialize in creating places that makes you feel good, no matter what your style.

Call me if you are ready for a change you can live with.  Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592

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