50 shades of white

Color, design and sex.
The hit of the season “Fifty Shades of Grey”, has us all reacting.

Some love it, others have checked it and dropped it. While the rest enjoy having an opinion without touching it.

Of course, there are those who see the way money can be made with the shadow and light in how we do things. Probably the most intriguing aspect for me is the name.

For a designer 50 Shades of Grey conjours up all the ways fabric, paint or rooms could color our lives. My writer thinks how clever, nothing is the same shade to any of us. Perception.  Especially when creating rooms, or spaces to live and love in.  Fifty Rooms to have sex in, I could be in heaven creating a book like that.  Or fifty ways to create your own sweet Le Chic Cocoon.

One of my friends joked she has 5o shades of grey in her hair and it got me thinking about a book of fifty women with grey hair. That could be a book I would be interested in. I did buy “50 shades of grey” and started reading it. An easy read. But I have no urge to go back to it.
I understand the appeal of forbidden fruit and I am disturbed by the idea that we need to be abused to surrender.

All that grey talk has me dreaming of white. I love white rooms . It happens to be one of the most difficult colors to pick paint for.

Often the wrong white goes grey and dingy, which is why most designers will never think about buying grey underwear. Shades of dingy.  To be avoided at all costs.
Because the wrong white often has too much grey. Could be the light in the room, or the color.t

I love the idea of layering white textures, different whites, on the same side of the spectrum. The right whites can create a romantic lair. A place to be wild and abandoned with the door open. Or windows on blue seas. 

Wind in fabric, open airy welcoming.  White floors, painted wood or cool stone tiles.

There is no need to hide in a white room. It’s sensual and inviting.
It can be demure or wild. Clean or rumpled. Always fresh and inviting.

Shades of white that have cream are milky and rich. Exotic and erotic.

From lounging on the lawn, to velvet couches, and beds dressed up in silk.
White underwear runs the gamut from innocent to abandoned. The imagination can travel in white. Free light and fabulous

Now those are the shades I could be tied to.  Some of my favorite white paints are Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace,  Simply White and Bavarian Cream.  However never pick a paint color without testing it at home.  Paint responds to the room. Just like a woman to her lover.

And what of you? Is there a whiter shade of pale that lingers ?

Joie de Vivre


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50 shades of white — 1 Comment

  1. Fabulously delightful post. I am currently loving layers of whites or tints so light you’d think they are white. A wonderful contrast to all the color I look at most days.

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