6 Lessons from my Mom

Mother’s day, has me looking back and appreciating my mom in a different way this year. What lessons did my mom teach me that serves me in business and life?

She created a place for me to hone my sense of luxe and develop Le Chic Living style through example.

My MomLesson 1: Craft your Home to Reflect You.

Mom created gorgeous spaces, filled with light,   Every home was designed to suit the lifestyle she wanted to create.   Houses built for entertaining, retreating, expansiveness and for abundance. When I think of the warmth and love she soaked into those rooms, I feel the pull to recreate that magic.  Every room was designed for style and purpose.  It was comfortable, easy to take care of and beauty was as far as the eye could see.  The same pieces she has now, work wherever she goes, with just a little update. Timeless elegance lives on.

Blue Room

Lesson 2: Details make a Difference

My mom entertained with flair.    Dinner parties with tables decked out in matching splendor, and the most delicious food served. Parties in the backyard with clever ideas including chicken in baskets, which always delighted me. Countless all day braais (BBQ), or cold luncheons attractively served. Tasty home made food delectables, to suit the occasion.  These were light filled days, friends and family swimming, eating, drinking, living and laughing. Those dinner parties were famous. Intimate small gatherings and movie nights all were easy in a home designed to allow flow.

Dinner in Gold

Lesson 3: Follow your Passion

Every week my mom would buy color co-ordinated fresh flowers, for her own pleasure. Going early to market to get the best choice. Those flowers stick in my mind to this day. She was always on the go, creating beauty. Her home was her sanctuary. Mom would bake imaginative, incredible cakes on books or in themes on birthdays when we were young.   Get very creative for dress up costumes for herself and us whenever an occasion presented itself. Gardening and sewing were passions as well as baking.  I would wake up on Sunday morning to home baked scrumptious.  Mom poured her life essence and love into fashioning sacred place.

Lesson 4  Outdoors is an extension of indoors

We had a huge terrace with many chairs and a pile of perfect matching cushions for everyone. The garden overflowed with color and green. Ranunculus and sweetpeas in spring. Succulents in the rockery. A generous rose garden. Beds were planned for every season.   Secret corners dappled and shady for sitting pleasure, and indoors there were a multitude of rooms and spots to linger in for every mood and activity. There was room for every one and everything to find solitude and companionship.

Lesson 5:  Culture expands the mind.

Art, books, music and culture were encouraged from a young age.There was a pile of wonderful music, dancing at night when the mood struck my folks and they always sang together. Mom would plan day trips that included a fancy meal, us all dressed up, and a live theatre show.  Every show she went to bioscope (cinema) or a play, my dad always bought her a box of cadbury’s nutties.  This was the height of elegance to me. She would read to us every night when I was a little girl, us kids piled up around her in our pjs.

Lesson 6: Put yourself first.

Take care of you so you can handle whatever arrives. Mom’s bathroom was filled with mirrors, light, marble and gold. I thought it magical and loved to watch her getting dressed, or sit on the floor talking to her when I could. She always made sure she had plenty of private time to relax and rejuvenate in. After her breakfast in bed, Mom would take a bath in that luxurious cocoon, dust herself in powder and dress to the nines, whether she was going out or not. I remember many nights as a young girl when she dressed to go out and would come kiss me goodnight looking like a queen, smelling beautiful.   She still dresses beautifully every morning, perfectly turned out and ready for anything.  No matter how she feels.

A million memories, joyful turning point moments that shape me. Lessons from my mom are many. She inspired me to love entertaining, music, art, books, cooking, travel, gardening. To celebrate life and create new things.  She gave me permission to take care of me. To let my imagination soar.  What are some of the lessons your mom gave you, that surprise you? Share in a comment below

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6 Lessons from my Mom — 4 Comments

  1. What a class act! You are the spitting image of your mom! So elegant and refined. Now I know where you get that from. This was a beautifully written testimony to the deep love between a mother and daughter. I enjoyed every word and belated Happy Mother’s Day to you, my friend.

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