9 Royal Number of Release

November has been a month of Transition.

Everywhere I turn I am reminded that we are in a Number 9 (2+0+1+4+1+1) month. I suddenly got really sick without warning on Monday.  The 9 at work bringing me off my feet, to let go.

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Numerology (the science of numbers) codifies everything by numbers, of course. There are two numeric systems at work her for marking days.  The Gregorian calendar, the one most westerners are familiar with.

And the Universal Calendar, the world I play in, where the Pythagorean method of measuring numbers is employed. Pythagoras believed the world was built on the power of numbers.

A vibration that resonates to souls and science.

The Gregorian Calendar gives us our year.  2014.    The Single digits added together (2+0+1+4 equals 7) give us the Universal Calendar.   Within the familiar lies the secret.  This is very much much the story of life. Hidden layers that the eye cannot see, surface when the heart opens.

Well this 9 month is lovingly giving us a kick in the butt, to revisit and release what is outdated. Basically with signs around the neck saying this has got to go, or similar.  Sometimes we do need to have it that obvious.   What are your signs saying?  Mine are ‘With all this crap in here you will not get where you want to go.  Time for a major cleaning!!!’

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My getting sick came with throwing up (definitely a sign that things have got to go) and lots of very vivid dreams and communications from my inner wisdom.   All about making a stand, and enough with the excuses (more clutter and obstruction).  The world doesnt judge us, we do.  Worrying how we look instead of getting back on that Success horse that needs us to practice by doing because it is the only way to get it the horse to move to the next square.

Ergo, I am in the perfect place.

A nine month is a month of the end point. So far and no further.  Especially in a 7 year of sabbatical energy.   It is that thousand and two night of Sheherazade. Finally she gets to go home and sleep in her own bed.  Sleeping beauty awakes from slumber by the falling away of poison. The kiss of a stranger is a reminder that beginnings mean you will meet people you don’t know.  Maybe one of them will be yourself.  A brave new world with the restart button primed.

Once you have shaken off what holds you back.

This Magnificent 9  – King of Numbers. Contains all that precedes it 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45  4+5=9

A moment, a day, a month or a year filled with wisdom shown in the large head of the 9,  how will you use this knowledge?   To lighten your load or to batten the hatches?

Many have tried to defy the 9 by using more ego.  Heck I have tried for years.  Even now, I cant help thinking I know better, but when I feel,  I am ready to be lighter.

Expansive with emotion, the 9 encourages the natural flow of seasonal cycles creating an energetic fusion that makes room for art, music and travel.


Beckoning us to lie in our bed of roses

Be okay with who you are.   Relinquish that hold on the things you ‘should’ have for this journey.

Accept what has gone before and rejoice in it, for this is the keyhole of life.

Allow all that has been to infuse your very depths to slow to a stillness.  It was all perfect and it brought you here.

Now wave good bye.  Really this is like a Harry Potter and Hermione adventure,  standing on Platform number 9 and a half, waiting for the beginning,  a small suitcase, a lunch pack and a magic wand.

Yes 9 whispers, the numbers will guide you faithfully.  Now jump on board, we are off.

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