A blissful garden retreat

It feels blissful to be in a garden rooftop terrace with cozy couches, flowers and birds. Water and music. Nectar for my soul.  Urban oasis in the sky.
If I could choose only one place to hide out, retreat and grow, it might be here. Surrounded by peace. Delicious coffee and croissants, sun, wind, service and electricity. My Polite Woman glows and stretches.

So what makes a perfect garden retreat? That Soul Room, Spirit Palace, Le Chic Cocoon ?

Big raised box beds, filled with wild blooming greens & splashes of color.

A fountain spilling backed by Spanish tile that hark back to inner courtyard dreams.
On the ground lies gravel concreted in and a old brick pathway.
A big round mirror reflects the humming birds dashing into water and petal.

 A pair of comfy couches facing each other, piped seating
Overhead a heater and a canopy that opens up to the blue sky
drapes that close to create a private space



Up the stairs a pool glistens, surround by comfy loungers, and a long tiled wall with a copper trough and a stream of water that flows with joy.
Renewal, peace and a sense of blissful safety cocoon me.
The Butterfly bar beckons with wings of joy.

A mix of wood, color and cane
An arch of vines with a hanging night light.
Trellis painted and attached to the walls, Balls of little lights add a charming trim.

Thin twigs lined up form a natural railing.
Beyond lies the magic of the city.

What makes a blissful garden retreat for you?



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