A Chaise for my Goddess Room

I have been thinking about creating a personal sacred space for a while. Since the weekend I connected to my intuition on so many levels, and pulled together all the elements of what I do and who I am to release my Makeover Mixtress, Alter Altars to our inner Goddesses, Ode to Spiritual Retreats.

From the Divine Guidance card came the thought of Design Guidance… that is what I do.  I don’t have a divining rod, but I do have a designing eye.    I have also been on my own spiritual journey. From being a ho hum mother and wife to becoming a woman who arranges things.

Unlike Dolly, I don’t arrange marriages between couples.  I did draw the Marriage card tonight,  which is odd. As I am still divorce shocked.  And another man is not on my map, yet.

However I do create a marriage between a woman and her favorite things.  Suddenly I feel trite saying this – seems like I am traveling from Hello Dolly to Sound of Music .

But I digress.

So in my altar to Divadom .  What would be the first  piece ?

Step one :  To create a Diva Den or  the promise of a full fledged one to come  – a space. A Spiritual Retreat .  A room would be ideal.  But I would settle for a cozy corner or a window seat.    A space to dream in, to grow in, to journal in.

And next would be the seat.  The  Royal Tush Holder.

When I think of that, a fainting couch comes to mind.   Or a chair to curl up in.  Perhaps a chaise lounge? similar to the fainting couch.  Growing up my mom always had a chaise longue in her bedroom.

That was the height of sophistication to me.

What would be your secret indulgence in your special spot or room?

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A Chaise for my Goddess Room — 27 Comments

  1. Jennifer, thank you for this great post. Just from reading it, I’m breathing more deeply and feeling more relaxed. What a wonderful idea to have a diva den. I think we all need one.

  2. I adore this concept! Diva Den has the perfect ring. What a beautiful place to retreat to. With the right setup, I could write in a Diva Den as well as meditate and reflect.

    Your Diva and Goddess spirit is thriving, Jen! Thanks for inviting us into this lovely space.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Boundaries, Balance, and New Life Directions Through Writing

  3. Diva Den!!! I love it! I too am going through a divorce. The beginning stages… our home is for sale. It is large and, cold… it is a house not a home… I yearn for a small space for me and my children. My bedroom will be my Diva Den… I cannot wait to get to work on it! LOVE this term!

    XOXO (GimletMommy)

  4. I love the Design Guidance. And creating these beautiful sanctuaries for women to be true Goddesses in is truly divine. I am so looking forward to seeing your growing portfolio Jen.

    And the Marriage card could also be the marriage of your wonderful skills and talents that will help birth these new projects of yours. I am really excited about what you are manifesting now and am so glad I am in the front row watching. x

    Fiona Stolze
    Inspired Art and Living

  5. A Diva Den! sounds heavenly, especially like the one in your photo with the curtain and the feeling of sanctuary…I could certainly use something like that about now in my life!

  6. I think the imagery and article goes straight from Hello Dolly to something by E.M. Forster, like – A Room With A View, or Baroness Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa. When women could be strong, feminine, mysterious and totally divine.

    Perhaps it is the divine divan.

    Wonderful Jen – Thanks for the inspiration!

    Laine D
    “Aspire to Inspire”

  7. I long for a space such as you describe, Jen. I keep trying to create one and it seems that every time I carve out a little spot, it gets filled up again with “stuff.” Just like most of the time in my life that I carve out for me… it gets used up in little ways while I don’t notice and then suddenly, it’s gone. Sigh.

  8. Oh what a beautiful idea, every lady should have one. The wording is awesome and what it stands for, need to create my own space and mark it clearly as just for me!
    (you mentioned Sound of Music, I still havent’t watched it -we don’t know it in Germany, maybe it’s time for me to finally watch it as a German 🙂 )

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

  9. A room I can close the door to, my own haven with the things that creatively stimulate me, and spiritually inspire me. They say that sexual, spiritual and creative energy all come from and in actuality are the same thing. My room should embody all three! Creative, Goddess, and Inner Self energy! YES

  10. I really enjoy your blog. Your concept of a Diva Den is inspired — after all, the man has his cave now, so why not us? I do enjoy my chaise in the MBR — especially now that I have slipcovered it with soft white quilted cotton. It is my favorite place to read.

  11. I love the idea of a diva den. I so need one of those. Thinking how can I create that space now with a one bedroom apartment shared with my wonderful husband…maybe not a room, but a space. Hmmm 🙂 Thank you for this. Beautiful post! Inspirational!

    Alara K. Castell
    Your Sassy Spiritual Guide

  12. I have a divaden and didn’t even know what one was! Many times, the fainting couch ends up with clothes on it. Maybe it should become more sacred! My second diva room is my bathroom- I designed and decorated it. I feel like I’m at a rustic spa every time I step into it.

  13. The ‘diva den’ concept is absolutely perfect and for me, essential. No matter where we live (since remarrying 6 years ago we’ve lived in 6 homes in 4 countries), I always design our home to refect both our personalities as equally as possible. But I always reserve a room that, although I don’t call it “my” room, definitely reflects my desire for a special environment that inspires me and provides a place for me to feel totally and utterly embraced. I am just working on my newest one now and you’ve inspired me to ‘blog’ through my process. I’ve never done that before but reading through yours and other’s blogs these past few days and seeing that others share the same passion as I towards intuitive interior design has really resonated with me in a way that I feel compelled to share too! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  14. Hi Jen I would like to utilize my formal living and dinning room space as a divaden. I just don’t know how to create a classy and fabulous space for my sister girls when they come visit.

    • Hello Carol, creating a diva den can be a challenge. Start with what you want your place to feel and look like. Browse magazines and or the web for some inspiration. Then you can look at what you have and see what is missing. Sometimes a room just needs some rearranging and a few new items like new pillows and or a rug to bring it to the look you crave. If you need more personal guidance feel free to contact me for one on one consult to create that classy fabulous space.

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