A Polite Woman’s Voice


As a Polite woman the expression raise your voice used to make me think about shouting.  Don’t raise your voice to me.  Wasn’t that the cry of the adults?  The tool that shut us up, shut us down, boxed us in.

The room we lived in then, had no room for self expression.


Now it makes my soul do the shimmy when I think about voices raised in song.  In a song of our stories.   The very idea of lifting our voices to speak out, to be heard – to band together.

This springs forth Personality, our own unique voice.   I think we express ourselves in so many ways.  Our voice is not just when we speak, also when we leap, and how we eat,  and where we sit.


A woman’s chair


As women we are often encouraged to speak softly.  To whisper as we walk. Swishing along in silence, making life easy.   Well I am all for life being easy, but it actually is only easy if we do lift our voices to speak out for ourselves.  When we express the steel beneath the softness.  When we claim our joy and sing it out.

Being silent or acquiescent does not serve easy.  You would think it would. But the opposite is true.  Human nature and the irony of life gives to those who open up their arms to abundance.   We are rewarded by speaking up and out, standing for what we believe.    I think the ultimate confidence, the raised voice, is the polite woman who never apologizes needlessly.  Knowing your Character Code® also adds a layer of elan to encourage a life well lived.  For the right reasons.

What piece of furniture or clothing speaks your language in your life?  I would love to hear.    What is the song you are singing?   Share your voice and use your polite edge to reel us in.


Joie de Vivre,


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A Polite Woman’s Voice — 1 Comment

  1. What a refreshing and touching post Jen. It made my inner voice say “I love it”. Funny! today I’m also getting new furniture for my family room…

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