A Talisman for Freedom

People talk about how much our biggest fear is not how small we can become or how we fear failure.  What really has  many of us melting into a puddle, is just how big and brilliant we are.

Each of us a shining beautiful human.

Makes me wonder what happened in this world of ours, that we all colluded into staying small?   There is an example I give in my book “Le Chic Cocoon”  about this monkey experiment, involving a ladder, a banana and a water hose.  The first monkey is sprayed with water when he tries to eat the banana. Subsequently all new monkeys introduced to the cage are beaten up, even when no one in the cage has ever experienced the water hose.   Fear keeps us fearing for others, to keep them from trying to reach new heights.

What is so astonishing about this, is how easy we get group “head” to keep each other “safe”  and how much that dilutes our passion. Our strength. Policing other people is actually a fascinating trick.  We think we are doing something useful.  We are doing our civic duty.  Protecting everyone from harm. We say things like- “it’s for your own good.” “I don’t want you to get hurt.”   I feel so much anger rising in my throat, tears in my eyes.  The things we do in the name of protection.

A wonderful way to escape some of the outside world do-gooding, is to claim a space of our own.  A secret weapon. A Sacred, Selfish Space.   To encourage your true self, to remind you of your shininess.  The brilliance you may have forgotten. Whatever you put in your space, be it a whole room or a corner somewhere, a powerful reminder of your bigger self can be found in a talisman.  A piece of who you are.  A beautiful painting, a tiny amulet,  a miniature.

Many of those miniature pieces of old were indeed exactly that.  Items of value, because they held the essence of the owner.  A piece of self expression.     A Talisman you could slip around your neck or in a pocket. A touchstone, a reliquary.  Something to hold close, to touch your own star.    A piece of magic, a reminder of your specialness.

What do you have in your life that can be your own sacred talisman?  Where do you keep it?



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A Talisman for Freedom — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this post Jennifer. I was just reading about having touchstones and this works right into that idea. I don’t have a sacred talisman but its a good idea to use as a point of reference and inspiration. We do need reminders of who we really are DAILY to keep ourselves from being pulled into too many different directions.

  2. I don’t have any sacred talisman but I have a white gratitude pebble that I picked up in my garden. I put it on the vanity in my bathroom because so many times during the day I go washing my hands.
    Sadly, lately my ayes newer meet with that pebble, I forgot that it is there.
    Thanks for reminding me of sacred talisman, from now on I will see my gratitude pebble and I will be grateful for many things, all the blessings coming my way and my greatness.

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