A Woman needs Room to Breathe

Creating space.

I think that is essential for every woman.

Making a room, in your world, where you are sacred.

Often life is in constant motion.  Preparing or waiting for the missing piece to complete the puzzle, homework to get done, schlepping.  Making food, dishing out comfort, doing tasks that keep the wheel turning in the churn of doing life, clean, plan and then do it all again.

garden seat

Sometimes it can feel like you are pushing a cart up the hill, too tired to shout for help. Worried that you wont make it, that things wont be done right.  It’s a long and weary list to the top of the hill.

Giving yourself permission to take a break, to stop completely with the pushing and the struggle.  Park that wagon, wander into the forest by the side of the road. take a deep breath.  Walk towards the stream, glistening like diamonds.  The trees offer welcome shade, you hear the birds singing and all of a sudden you are running into the water, pulling off you clothes,  laughing and luxuriating in the bliss that is this life.  Your life.


My bathroom sanctuary @ olioboard – https://olioboard.com/boards/208766-bathroom-sanctuary

Caught up in the struggle of moving up the hill, can close your eyes,ears, mouth and heart to joy and the beauty of being present in this moment. How much you really have to give, and all the people and things who are willing to help you. And it is all a choice.

Nature cycles create abundance and flow. Everything has a rhythm and purpose .  There is time to reflect, plan, act and then rest.  As a woman you often do what is expedient, in a rush to get to the next item, and follow two or three out of the four.   Reflecting and resting are as essential to your well being as is planning and acting.  Every stress you absorb into your body, is like a piece of metal in your soul.  Bathing in release is a much needed indulgence. Getting comfortable with the notion of being selfish.  Taking care of your needs, so you are renewed and revitalized and can come back to that cart with a lightness of heart.


However you translate your time Breathing, meditating, journaling, closing off your mind to the pile of constant demands is essential.  Take that space to listen inward your internal nature refreshes you and lets you see life not only in the day to day grind, but also with a bird’s eye view to the bigger picture.   If you want abundance, a beautiful space or relationships that feel light and empowered, you have to nurture your being of abundance in a room of your own.

Having a practice and a space to go to relieve the pressure can be a simple as taking a 10 minute walk, deep breathing, or stepping into your personal Sanctuary of Chic.

Pull up a comfortable chair to your favorite view and soak it in.  Find an unused room and clear the clutter so you can paint or sew in peace.

When you show the world and your loved ones that private time is healthy, all kinds of rewards will spill into your lap.

Where is your favorite space to breathe your essence?  Do you have a habitual practice of self care?  I would love to hear what you do or where you go to renew.

Joie de Vivre


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A Woman needs Room to Breathe — 23 Comments

  1. Jen, I know I’ve told you before, but I LOVE your passion. This is such a special work inspiring individuals to find peace in their own sanctuaries. My favorite space to breathe is my backyard under my big cherry tree. Since remodeling, I’m also in heaven simply relaxing on my living room couch. Ah, so nice.

    • Dear Catherine, thank you. I do love inspiring people to find their own space in the world. Your big cherry tree sounds divine. And it is true an inviting living room can be a heavenly oasis.

  2. Yes I have a room or my own and Des would say i have 2. i have my studio room and i have a room where I mediate and have my quantum healing set up in that i do have to move when we have house guests and then there is the garden, the river and the beach- you made me realise i have so many places where i can have a room of my own- thanks Jen

    • So glad to give you pause to appreciate your abundance Suzie. One space is good and many is way better. We need those reminders to stop and soak it all in.

  3. Hi Jen, what a beautiful article. I love it that you’re reminding us to stop doing things long enough to grab some appreciation and gratitude. My room isn’t physical – it’s inside any book that captures my thoughts. Or when I’m writing. Maybe I’ve just discovered one of the perks of being an introvert. 🙂

    • Yes Susan, there are perks to being an introvert – finding that quiet in all kinds of places, even in words. Very delicious that space where all disappears is indeed a source of nourishment and joy.

  4. Hope you don’t mind a man responding. Yes its so important to take a breather even when you’ve loads of things going on and you may feel pressurised to do do do, action action etc….. So time out to do something you enjoy is important! I love this blog

    • Dear Jakeb, I am thrilled a man is responding 🙂 I think men and women have much in common in that need to be who we are and to have that secret place to do what you love. Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.

  5. Jen, I love this article. I am lucky to have a lovely room for my work, but also for me! I love my room – it has lots of light and space. I chose the colors, the artwork, and pretty much everything in it. Your post also resonates with me as an Alexander Technique teacher. One of our greatest needs is to pause, stop, breathe, take a break and just “be” – it’s one of the things I teach my students. My habitual practice of self care would be that of Constructive Rest – the practice of lying down, with knees elevated and the head supported – in a way that allows the body to restore itself. It’s a very mindful practice too, and it certainly gives me room to breathe!

    • Your rooms sounds wonderful Imogen, and having used Constructive rest I concur how refreshing it is. A perfect way to come back into alignment. Thank you 🙂

  6. Jen. I love all your articles and although my space is sacred I love to go out in nature and just breathe and see the sky trees birds bees butterflies even in the city but I have just moved a beautiful tansu out of my alcove and I’m painting it rose and I am doing my meditation there now and it feels so right. I keep removing furniture. There is so little left. But it feels so good to be more empty. I do massage and yoga and bodyrolling. I’m creating more prosperity so I can reclaim the bedroom and have my lovely room mate move on. I know it will happen in good time so I can sleep in a separate room from where I work. Thanks for all your terrific posts. I see I’m letting go of energy vampires and saying no more often and firing clients who take up too much energy. I feel better and I’m creating room for more women and gentle spiritual people who need me for their transitions
    Thanks again. Love Holly

    • Dear Holly, thank you for your gracious words. Your tansu in rose sounds so welcoming. Getting out in nature is a powerful blessing, and I am sending love to light your path to abundance and clearing the energy vampires. Beautiful work.

  7. Well you know I have my diva den – reclaimed after the flood earlier this year 🙂 Also my bath is a favorite place. We have a BIG deep spa bath and I love to soak in there. Fabulous. I am better at self care than I ever was but I still let it slide at times.

    • You are doing well Louise and that tub sounds luscious. Nothing like a good soak to get you focusing on self care. xo

  8. I have a “walk of my own” when I leave Victor at the train station. Then I make myself a decaf latte with delicious, homemade almond milk and I am ready to start my day!

  9. Jen, I love the new look of your blog. It feels like a space to breathe :). The master bedroom bathroom is my space in the morning of peace and quiet. I still haven’t bought cushions for the couch, but I am decluttering and clearing space in my home.

    • Thanks Holly, a work in progress but definitely yes, more space to breathe. Love that you have that space when you wake up and get ready for your day. And decluttering is powerful, even without the cushions <3

  10. Jen Duchene! You have such a unique voice, your words are always a treat to read:) Interesting that I don’t have a special ‘space’ as such. I live in an apartment, so no great sanctuary within my humble abode, however, I seek solace in the inner world often, by meditating. And of course tapping, that takes me into the zone as well. But mostly, playing the piano is indeed my ‘vacation’ from the exterior world. Truly! I think, ‘I’ll just play the piano for 5 minutes’ and an hour goes past where I have lost time. Love this. Perhaps that’s my sanctuary. Keep writing! Can’t wait til your next post, J x

    • Dear Julie, thank you for your beautiful words. It is interesting what you have chosen to give you space to breathe. Your piano playing sounds magical for sure. I will keep writing 🙂 you keep playing your piano. We will meet somewhere in the middle.

  11. This is SO interesting – not even just grown women… but female children ALSO need this. I was babysitting a lil girl last night who was just having MELTDOWNS…and I set her up in her room with pretty lighting and some meditation music and her ipad ( 🙂 ) and she just relaxed and I was sitting there thinking this was exactly what she needed… a lil sanctuary and room for herself!
    <3 Mimi

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