A Woman’s Sacred Place

Creating your own Sacred Space demands a selfishness.  Yes.  To heed the call to step away from the tasks and demands of daily life.

To frolic in the fountain of your own dreams.  To drop the cloaks and veils of what others have shared about your worldly duties.

Can you bring yourself to sit in stillness?  To meditate in beauty on your life and purpose.   As children we often dream big dreams, while playing with our toys.

What were your dreams?

Did you play dolls houses?  I did.  I created fantastical rooms.   Dreamed of being an architect, and a fashion designer.   I would spend hours drawing paper doll costumes and cutting them out.  What did  you fantasize about?

In a corner where the light shone in, did you have that secret sweet spot?  Your bower to bask in?    Did you decorate with your treasures you collected?  Shiny pieces of silver paper, glass stones,  magic sticks?

Do you have a treasure box or tray that holds your soul?

It is time to bring back that dreamy place.   Perhaps it’s a whole room or maybe its a corner, near a window or a fireplace.  Maybe the room is outdoors under a tree that creates a room.   Wherever it is.  Resurrect it,  Restructure it.  Make it yours.   Pull in that chair you love, the one you painted pink just on a whim.  That table you found, when out walking one day.    A piece of art that you absolutely had to have.  All these pieces that make up You.  That surround you, love you, and remind you of who you really are.

Being selfish is not a bad thing all the time.  Taking time to cherish yourself, and undust some dreams is an action that can allow so much beauty and goodness to pour into your being.   Moisten your heart and plump passion into your step.   It will make you time to breathe out it in gratitude.

When are you going to rebuild your secret Sacred Love Palace for one?  That Le Chic Cocoon?
You deserve it.   Your loved ones would benefit from your selfish action, and so would you!

Tell me about your dreams and what your secret space looks like in a comment .

Joie de Vivre



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