About Jen

Jen Duchene — Transformational Counselor, Healer, Teacher, Author

Jen Duchene’s calling is to help women illuminate their Truth to attract the circumstances and people that make a delicious, truth-full, joy-full life. 

Out of her bottomless toolbox of mastery in Akashic Records, Astro-numerology, intuitive gifts, and signature Illuminating Journey Cards©, Jen serves as a clear channel to give her clients spot-on translations, release of ‘emotional weight,’ and fast-tracked healing. From a successful career as a designer of personal spaces, Jen crossed the invisible barrier of self-awareness (and her family legacy) to work with the sacred ‘interior space of Truth’ inside each one of us.

She challenges us to become Keeper of our own Inner Truth, sweep out the cobwebs of limits, and illuminate our lives in our relationships, divine work, self-love landscapes, money, health, purpose.



“My session with Jen was deep, profoundly healing, insightful and transformational. Jen created a warm, safe and positive atmosphere in which I could dive deep, feel open in exploring within and ask further questions to foster understanding.”

–  Nandi H.,www.lotuscoaching.org


Jen’s Journey to Now

My passion is to help people to be present and visible on earth, fully embodied in their presence and in their own particular Inner Truth.

I have been a secret-keeper forever. Disappearing into the walls. Holding sacred knowledge as part of the knowers. IMG_0585My own Astro-numerology reveals me as the spiritual teacher.

Since my early childhood days I knew this somehow, soaking up the esoteric arts on a quest to stir in more wisdom and love. I’m descended from a long line of healers, herbalists, and seers.

But my own path, to become Keeper of my own Inner Truth, would lead me on an extended journey before I returned to my true calling.

My story may resemble your own. As I grew up, I gradually stifled my true sacred self, hiding the truth of who I was, becoming a people-pleaser, an amorphous being, a wandering jew. Easier to not commit than to be “found out.”triple 8 in marble

On the outside my life looked perfect – all roles accounted for – the good wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee. But inside I was in deep pain, struggling to surface from the fog to the truth. It got to the point where I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning, overwhelmed by playing a role I couldn’t understand.

I wanted to feel more than anger and pain. Live beyond arguments and disatisfaction. Finally I broke through my fear enough to get help. The act of reaching out started the thaw and I kept going. I discovered how to laugh freely again.. A life-affirming joy I had lost on my travels … and the real journey began.

I gained the courage to do the transformational work of illuminating my Inner Truth. I wrote a book Le Chic Cocoon. Was reunited with the magic of numbers and discovered the Akashic Records. I returned to my roots, studied and mastered powerful, sacred, ancient systems. Re-ignited my intuitive gifts, and found my profession and passion. Reconnected to my creative spirit became keeper of my truth, to create the Illuminating Journey Cards.

mom and me

Today I know who I am, what I want and how to ask for it. The journey to joy continues. I laugh easily and enjoy life without guilt. My work is to offer my transformational healing abilities, compassion, and deep knowledge in service to others.

I feel incredible gratitude when a client reconnects with her path to be freely joy-full. Excited about her life and laughing with the universe.

Where am I when I’m not channeling numbers, healing and igniting transformation? In nature, living in luxurious chic, enjoying the moment! I adore traveling, family, friends, taking photographs, sharing good meals and conversations. I practice qi gong and explore all things sacred and fascinating.


Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same