About Jen

Jen Duchene — Akashic Guide, Teacher, Author & Creator of the Illuminating Journey Cards©

Using the crystal clear guidance and healing power of the Akashic Records and the Light Grid© the authority on all things soul, Jen Duchene illuminates the potential for empaths, creatives and entrepreneurs to embrace and embody the MORE they truly desire.

Jen Duchene’s calling is to help truth seekers find their light in the fog, so they can trust their wisdom, follow their guidance and freely engage in a delicious, joy-full life, without fear.

Out of her bottomless toolbox of mastery in Akashic Records, Astro-numerology, intuitive gifts, and signature Illuminating Journey Cards©, Jen serves as a clear channel to give her clients spot-on translations, release of ‘emotional weight,’ and fast-track healing. From a successful career as a designer of personal spaces, Jen crossed the invisible barrier of self-awareness to work with the sacred ‘interior space’ inside each one of us.

She challenges us to trust our knowing, sweep out the limiting cobwebs of confusion, and cast light into our every relationship, including spiritual healing, self-love, money, health and purpose.

“My session with Jen was deep, profoundly healing, insightful and transformational. Jen created a warm, safe and positive atmosphere in which I could dive deep, feel open in exploring within and ask further questions to foster understanding.”

–  Nandi H.,

Jen’s Journey to Now

Over the years I have gained the courage to do the transformational work of illuminating my Inner Truth. I wrote a book- Le Chic Cocoon. Was reunited with the magic of numbers and discovered the Akashic Records. I returned to my roots, studied and mastered powerful, sacred, ancient systems and continue to evolve and learn and create new things including the Illuminating Journey Cards.©  Soul portals made with the guidance of the Akashic Records.

Today I trust in my knowing, follow my wisdom all the while the journey to joy continues.  When a client reconnects with her freely joy-full path, excited about her life and laughing with the universe,  I know I am doing my soul work.

 Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same. Your search is over. You’ve found it.