Offering classes/ workshops one on one, and small groups

Voyage of Discovery.

Using the ©2017 Illuminating Journey Cards this experience will take you deep into your 6 senses to communicate with the cards on a voyage of discovery.

35 vision cards to explore have been created and designed by Jen Duchene to help you uncover your interior castle and inter dimensional worlds.

Expected date of shipping Cards is September 21 2017

Contact Jen Duchene on the contact form or at jen (at) jenduchene (dot) com to book your class or check back for upcoming workshops and classes.


Learn how to open and engage in your own Akashic Records.

Jen offers 1 on 1 teaching or small groups online.

Steep yourself  in the Wisdom and Unconditional Love of this high vibrational tool.

Jen Duchene combines all her experience to give you a tailored supportive experience to help you become proficient in this ancient and powerful tool.

The Akashic Records is a question based tool to help you get in touch with your soul, receive guidance, answers and healing directly from your soul keepers.

The Akashic Records are a library of knowledge of the Ages, and your soul’s experiences, held in the ethers, containing all you desire to know, with the capacity to heal what no longer serves.. Having access to this Powerful Sacred Source of Wisdom, will give you an incredible tool to safely & swiftly redesign your interior castle.

Discover deeper answers to your questions and empower yourself.    6 hours of individual instruction to give you a tailored and supportive experience.   You must be willing to practice if you want to benefit from this teaching.

Interested in signing up or have Questions?  Send me an email jen (at) jenduchene (dot) com and we can set up time to chat.

Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same