Akashic Light Grid Lab Intensive Level 2

Akashic Light Grid 
Lab Intensive Online
Level 2
June 26, 27, 28, 2020
Bay Area, CA
“Be part of a Movement and Tribe”
This class is a hands-on comprehensive lab for Lightworkers, Energy Healers,
Intuitives, Coaches and Mystics who have completed Level 1 Training
Lab Highlights:
  • Hands on practice throughout the weekend
  • Learn to access the Akashic Records for others including businesses and groups
  • Add new and effective healing tools to your toolbox
  • Increase your confidence in your abilities to connect to the Akashic Records and help others
  • 1:1 guidance and feedback after you read for instructors
  • Practice using the Akashic Light Grid method ©
  • Deepen your understanding of your Soul Origins ©
  • Simplify your choices and improve clarity with the aid of the Soul Origins©
  • Work with the Akashic energy and the Akashic Light Grid© to release the old patterns, karma, vows and past-life traumas of your clients
  • Workbook and reference material included
  • 2 live virtual sessions (recorded)
  • Certificate of Completion
Learn to read the Akashic Records for others. Practice working with the Akashic Light Grid© to heal others and deepen your understanding of your Soul Origins, in an integrated experiential small class environment.
The lab intensive includes;
Akashic Records:
  • Learn to open and access the Akashic Records for others – including businesses organizations and pets- to expand your clarity, insight and guidance and give accurate and effective readings
  • Discover how you can incorporate your existing trainings and gifts in new ways using our Level 2 Core Practice, develop confidence in your ability to receive information for others
  • Work with the Akashic energy and the Akashic Light Grid© to release the old patterns, karma, vows, and past-life traumas of your clients
  • Increase your capacity to move through obstacles with greater ease and grace
Career-Business and Life Purpose Clarity:
  • Integrate skills and talents and increase your viability
  • Enhance your business/career and bring more clarity to your life purpose and relationships
  • Deepen understanding of your Soul’s Origins which will improve focus and simplify your choices
Akashic Light Grid Healing:
• Practice using the Akashic Light Grid in your readings to increase the effectiveness of your work in and out of the records.
• Experience the Akashic Light Grid Level 2 sacred prayer and attunement©

By the end of this class you will;
  • Access the Akashic Records for Others using our Core Practice Level 2©
  • Receive information about past lives, old patterns and beliefs
  • Use the Akashic Light Grid© and other tools to release outdated energy and dissolve programming with the guidance of the Akashic Light Beings
  • Activate your Soul Origins© to improve your business focus and relationships
  • Confidently recognize and incorporate new healing methods
  • Receive profound integrated practical information in the records you can share to change the lives of your clients and circle
  • Continue to build upon and support your personal and professional spiritual growth
  • Be part of a supportive community

In-Person Agenda 

Prior Thursday June 18th  6:30p-7:30p pst

  • Kick-off Virtual Session (recorded): Preparation for opening the Akashic Records for others

Friday June 26th 1pm-5pm pst

  • Learning to open the records of others
  • Practice session in the records with a partner

Saturday June 27th  10am-4.30pm pst

  • Learning to open the records of others, cont.
  • Delving into the art of the question for others
  • Lunch
  • Light Grid Vibrational Key and Attunement ©
  • Prepare for Client Session Instances

Sunday June 28th 10am-4.30pm pst

  • Past lives, contracts, fragmented soul, healing tools and lessons
  • Business, Pets and Groups
  • Lunch
  • Deepening your Soul Origins© pathways
  • Group Expansion
  • Integration and next steps

Virtual Session : Check-in & Progress (Date TBD)

Cost and Payment Options
The lab Intensive class is $799.00
• Pay in full by June 15th
• 2 payments of $399.50 by June 15th
• 3 payments of $266.33 by June 15th

Pay in full $799.00 

2 payments of $399.50

3 payment of  $266.33


Upon completion of the lab you’ll be eligible to enroll in the advanced training. 
The Advanced Training Options after Level 2
Certification to teach Akashic Records and administrator the Soul Origins Assessment© and Akashic Light Grid sacred prayer and attunement©. 

Meet Your Instructors 

Jen  Duchene as an Akashic Reader who comes from a long line of healers, Jen draws from her bottomless toolbox of intuitive intelligence, Akashic and numeric mastery, and the power of my signature Illuminating Journey Cards©. Jen provides Divine soul translations, serving as a clear channel to her clients as they release ‘emotional weight’ and activate fast-track healing which illuminates a new path forward. www.JenDuchene.com


Cyndi Stewart, Ph.D, FNLP, and a Certified Akashic Records Consultant. Cyndi integrates Functional Nutrition, Applied Kinesiolgy and Energy Medicine Technology for health and well-being. Cyndi created a Mystics approach that gets to the root causes of unresolved health issues, feeling stuck, ending weight loss resistance, and food cravings through focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.