Akashic Record Class 2

Access Ancient Soul Wisdom, Past Lives, Ancestral Lineage & Creativity

In this second course, you will explore deeper into your Akashic Record giving you a greater awareness of your soul’s purpose.

Akashic Record Course 2 in San Mateo  

In this second course you will discover:

~Ancestral & Genetic Lineage plus how your family influences your choices

~Tools to clear old karma and contracts from Past Lives

~How to Reclaim valuable information and gifts from past lives.

~Ways to Open up more fully to your Creativity

~Clearing techniques to remove old blocks that sabotage your creative potential

Access Ancient Soul Wisdom & Past Lives – Course 2

This course deepens the journey into your personal Akashic Record. Opening doorways into your Soul’s path, Lineage and Past Lives, highlighting key connections to this lifetime’s Soul path.   Discover why you have certain beliefs and gifts..

Learn how to use the Akashic Record to support your creative design, whatever that looks like.  Creativity can show up differently in everyone, and it is a direct path to Soul so must be allowed to flourish. You will acquire more Healing Tools plus do some clearing around your ancestral lineage. Possible process could include diving into topics like “Why did I pick this birth family”?

Some of the things you will learn:

Explore the past lives that probably influence your present

Examine ancestral lineage to uncover why you possibly chose your family of origin

Illuminate talents you may be unaware of

Move outside of time and space to clear stuck energy

Upgrade your creative energy

Prerequisite: Course 1

Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm in San Mateo  

Investment in Yourself: $450

Bonus included –

4 – 1 hour Q&A group calls by phone, to deepen your experience

Register by October 19th to receive this extra bonus

 $50 discount 

(Value including bonuses $900)

As a participant in this 2 day in person experiential workshop you will receive

Content rich Comprehensive manual from the Akashic School of Wisdom (ASW)
Tools, techniques & exercises
3 additional prayers to access the Akashic Records
Plenty of interactive practices in class
Guided meditations to align your energy
Healing tools & new prayers to shift old energy
Guidance, Connection and Plenty of Time for questions plus so much more.
Opportunity to continue on the ASW path if you desire.

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Open the door to clarity and joyful Royal Ease.

Discover the Wisdom within your Akashic Records to Guide, Empower & Transform you.